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Vir­tual prac­tice: Case Study, Zoom & Moodle

10.07.2020, Study :

90 students worked on two dates together with the management consultancy OSCAR on a case study on the increased demand for disinfectants. For the virtual format Prof. Dr. Michael Gutiérrez used the two platforms Zoom and Moodle in an integrated concept.


At an assessment centre, applicants often have to work through a case study under great time pressure and present proposed solutions. This challenge at the interface between studies and career is prepared for by a new event, which was conducted in virtual format by HNU Professor Dr. Michael Gutiérrez in cooperation with the management consultancy OSCAR. The combination of Zoom and Moodle enabled a sustainable learning success.

On two dates a total of about 90 students had to work on a case study of OSCAR GmbH, in which a manufacturer of disinfectants wants to increase its production rate as quickly as possible in view of the current corona crisis in order to be able to meet the massively increased demand. The students developed PowerPoint presentations in virtual small groups, the so-called breakout sessions in zoom. Subsequently, selected groups presented their results in the main session. 

The transfer of the zoom groups to Moodle took place while the zoom session was still running. Prof. Gutiérrez had previously structured the groups in Moodle. This enabled the group speakers of all zoom groups to upload their group solutions in identically formed Moodle groups. This was followed by a peer review in Moodle lasting several days, during which each individual student evaluated the group solution from another group according to several criteria. "This change of perspective allows for in-depth reflection and also requires the students to take responsibility when assessing the work results of other students," said Gutiérrez, who expressed his thanks to the Centre for Digitisation/Digital Teaching and Learning at the HNU for its support.

"The students have developed very good ideas for solutions in a short time", was the conclusion of the consultants Anne-Sophie Gläser, Jana Kastner, Tobias Bock and Yannik Lauer from OSCAR. They gave the students valuable tips on the success factors of a presentation.

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