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Vir­tual concept sem­inar with fo­cus on com­pli­ance with prac­tice part­ner Wie­land was a com­plete suc­cess

06.08.2020, Trans­fer :

Each semester, the focus on compliance is characterised by extreme practical relevance and the close cooperation and permanent exchange with practice partners from different industries. Every semester, Prof. Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker, Prof. Dr. Erik Rederer and Dr. Kathrin Zwecker jointly provide students with a practical insight into the field of compliance.

This semester this concept was put to the test by the Corona crisis. But despite the more difficult conditions, neither students and teachers nor our practice partner Wieland were deterred. Within a very short time, a virtual concept seminar was jointly designed, which was in no way inferior to the original concept and created the same added value for both students and our practice partner. 48 course participants worked virtually on 20 different topics in the area of compliance for Wieland AG throughout the semester under the technical and organisational direction of Dr. Kathrin Zwecker. The students' insight into the design of compliance solutions and the direct practical transfer of the results of their work were of particular importance.

The students were also faced with new challenges. For example, personal meetings in working groups, with the teachers responsible for the subject area or the practice partners were not possible. After a short time, however, it became clear that the use of digital conference systems was a good substitute when used appropriately. Alexander Bartl, Director Internal Audit, who supervised the seminar on Wieland's side, remarked at many points: "I am impressed by the commitment of the students in the current situation, the secure handling of digital communication media and the speed with which new and complex topics are taken up and compared with existing practical situations.

Even the final presentation of the work results took place in a virtual setting. Four selected groups presented their Wieland compliance solutions, for example in the areas of "Creation of a uniform Wieland compliance culture", "Analysis of compliance risks" or "International communication models for codes of conduct" in a video conference in front of the Executive Board and specialist managers at Wieland. Dr. Jörg Nübling, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Wieland AG, commented: "I was thrilled how well-founded the students' work results are, and how practical and directly applicable they are.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of all those involved, this year's Compliance Concept Seminar was a successful event and a great success.  We would like to thank Wieland once again for the dedication and the insights that the students were able to gain into the area of compliance. 

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