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HNU alumna and pro­fessor re­ceive award from the renowned "WiWi-Tal­ents Pro­gramme"

26.03.2021, Uni­versity News :

In 2020, Elisa Pöppel successfully completed her business studies at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU). At the suggestion of Prof. Dr. Rupert Bardens, she was accepted into the "WIWI-Talents Programme", a highly talented programme for students of economics. Bardens also received an award for his commitment to promoting young talent.

Since 2005, the "WiWi-Talents Programme" has supported students of economics and related disciplines exclusively on a non-material basis. The aim is to network talented young people with companies across the region. Elisa Pöppel is the first HNU alumna to be accepted into the programme: "I am very happy about the award from WIWI-Talents, which enables me to build a strong, supra-regional network of over 500 companies and other sponsored students. In addition, it is a great recognition for my Bachelor time at the HNU, which I look back on with great pleasure."

Only about ten percent of the proposed students are accepted into the gifted programme.

Twice a year, Wiwi-Talents launches a call for applications. Elisa Pöppel was nominated for the programme by Prof. Dr Rupert Bardens, who supervised her Bachelor's thesis on the topic of HR data strategy and recognised her potential from the start. For her application, she had to submit a completed questionnaire and her CV as well as an overview of her career planning. Prof. Bardens supplemented the documents with his expert opinion.
For Elisa Pöppel, who is currently completing her Master's degree in Business Information Systems in Regensburg, the time at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences was formative: "HNU enriched my academic career in many ways and supported me in my individual design of the course of studies. In addition to the main subject areas, I was able to acquire key qualifications through the two semesters abroad in Toronto and Madrid as well as the excursion abroad to Yiwu/Shanghai. I also have positive memories of the interplay between theory and practice at the HNU. I therefore wrote my Bachelor's thesis in cooperation with a company. This was a great benefit for me, which is why special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Bardens, who accompanied and supported me especially during this time."

Award for Prof. Bardens: "talent factory"

But not only Elisa Pöppel received an honour. Prof. Bardens' commitment was also recognised: "For my activities in promoting young talent, I received an award as a "talent incubator". Since the promotion of talented students at the HNU is very close to my heart, I am very happy about this recognition."

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