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Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion de­gree pro­gramme: Change to the re­gis­tra­tion of spe­cial­isa­tions

22.04.2021, Study :

From the winter semester 2021/22 onwards, there will be a change to the registration of specialisations in Business Administration.

Students who choose a specialisation in business administration automatically register for the exams of the subjects included in this specialisation in the following semester.

Students will receive all the information and background details at the Zoom conference by Prof. Dr. Elmar Steurer on 26 April. The students concerned have already received access data by e-mail. Zoom conferences will be held from 26 April to 7 May on all focal points. Students can inform themselves about the following focal points, among others:

  • Compliance Management (30 TN)
  • Controlling
  • Corporate Finance (30 TN)
  • IT-Management
  • International Business Administration
  • International Management and Leadership
  • Jahresabschluss
  • Logistik u. Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing, Branding & Strategy (30 TN)
  • Mediendesign
  • Consulting (30 TN)
  • Organisationsentwicklung
  • Personalmanagement und Arbeitsrecht
  • Steuern
  • Strat. Market Intelligence
  • Strat. Markt- u. Vertriebsmanagement (30 TN)
  • International Logistics
  • Treasury
  • Wirtschaftsprivatrecht (30 TN)
  • Entrepreneurship

For further questions please contact Helena Hermann.

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