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Neu-Ulm Uni­versity Award for Out­stand­ing Di­gital Teach­ing Hon­ours Two Pro­fess­ors

17.12.2021, Uni­versity News :

The Verein zur Förderung der Hochschule Neu-Ulm e.V. (Association for the Promotion of Neu-Ulm University) awarded the Neu-Ulm University Prize for outstanding digital teaching for the second time. The award went to professors Dr Wilke Hammerschmidt and Dr Ulrich Bihler, whose concept of an integrated approach to two courses convinced the jury.


Once again this year, the Friends of Neu-Ulm University (HNU) honoured the achievements of teachers by awarding the prize for outstanding digital teaching. A total of six concepts involving all three faculties were submitted. The submissions all demonstrated an extraordinarily high level of quality, creativity and innovative design of digital teaching, especially in view of these challenging times.

Günther Augustin, chairman of the university's support association, also refers to this: "Especially in corona times, HNU's courses take place under special conditions. For this reason, the Friends of HNU have decided for the second time to award a prize for outstanding digital teaching. The prize, which is worth 1,000 euros, honours innovative and outstanding achievements by teachers with regard to digital teaching under corona conditions."

Perfectly coordinated use of digital tools and methods in two courses

The 2021 prize goes to Prof. Dr. Wilke Hammerschmidt and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bihler (lecturer) of the Faculty of Information Management (IM). With their joint and integrated digital teaching concept for the modules Corporate Communication I and Marketing Communication II, they were able to convince the sponsoring association: "The concept of an integrated approach to two courses by the two professors particularly impressed the jury of the sponsoring association when assessing the submitted concepts. The board of the sponsoring association will award the prize winners for their outstanding digital teaching in the winter semester 2020/2021," says Günther Augustin from the sponsoring association.

The concept combines activating live online teaching, self-directed practice phases and teamwork on a semester-long case as well as a coordinated portfolio examination approach in a comprehensive blended learning concept. Digital tools and methods are used in a variety of didactically meaningful ways. In this integrated concept, which was highlighted by the jury, both teaching and examinations are coordinated across all modules and designed to be competence-oriented. The students work on a common case in both modules and are also accompanied in these phases by cross-module online consultation hours.

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