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New: HNU fair fridge coun­ter­acts food waste

08.06.2022, Uni­versity News :

Leftover butter pretzels at an event at Neu-Ulm University (HNU), surplus fruit and vegetables in a shared household or a full fridge before a vacation? Much too good for the garbage can, just right for the fair divider. Every person at HNU has free access to the fair fridge (german: Fairteiler) and can take out or put in food free of charge.

The fair fridge is located in building B in the copy and card loading room on the first floor. Here you will also find information on what is allowed and what is not. Alcohol, raw milk products or similar are prohibited, for example. Even opened packages and food should not be passed on. The organization looks after and cleans the collection point and disposes of food that is no longer edible. In the twin city of Ulm / Neu-Ulm, the Fairteiler is the fifth of its kind and the only one in Neu-Ulm.

The idea for the Fairteiler was born among employees of the Center for Continuing Education (ZfW) and Event Management, who often had to throw away surplus food left over after events. Representatives of these departments then became active in the Sustainability Steering Committee and together considered how to find another use for the food.

As of now, the food sharing point at HNU is doing its part to counteract food waste.

Male person takes packaged toast from "fair fridge". (opens enlarged image)