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HNUeS­ports com­petes with three teams in the Ger­man Uni­liga

09.06.2022, Study :

Once again this semester, teams from HNU will be competing against teams from other colleges and universities. In three different video games they will fight for important points over the next weeks to secure a good position within the table.

Uniliga is a student-founded start-up that runs e-sports tournaments for students. The organization has grown quickly and now organizes tournaments across Germany in many different games. The goal is to professionalize e-sports at colleges and universities.

At HNU, HNUeSports already manages three teams that participate in the Uniliga tournaments. They each consist of the players, the team captain and the coaches. The teams HNU "Darkin" and HNU "Airborne" play each in the 2nd league, the team HNU "Prism" in the 1st league.

The games will also be broadcast live from the GameLab to the Internet by the HNUeSports moderators, commentators and director. (

League of Legends Team HNU "Darkin" consists of:

Head Coach: Bedirhan Turan (BWL), Assistant Coach: Almir Djezic (GPM), Team Captain: Korbinian Knöferl (GPM), Jonas Feder (BWL), Nikolai Bretzinger (IMA), Mathias Merkle (BWL), Caner Yazanoğlu (GPM), Yannic Urban (IMA), Lukas Fuchs (GPM).

Rocket League Team HNU "Airborne" consists of:
Benjamin Sanders (GPM), Mike Hochhaus (DEM), Alexander Molin (GPM), 

Philipp Göttler (GPM), Dietmar Bröckel (GPM), Sven Thäle (IST), Niklas Fromm (WI)

The Valorant Team HNU "Prism" consists of:
Florian Felder (ICCMM), Leonard Börder (GPM), Quirin Fabian (GPM), Maximilian Müller (GPM), Kilian Kellerer (GPM), David Härle (DIM), Daniel Eckert (GPM), Mick Walter (GPM)