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The­ory and prac­tice meet: this is the sub­ject com­pli­ance

25.07.2022, Study :

Together with this year's practical partner, Hengstenberg GmbH & Co. KG, Dr. Kathrin Zwecker, Prof. Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker and Prof. Dr. Erik Rederer once again provided students with a practical insight into the field of compliance and white-collar crime this summer semester.

22 course participants spent the entire summer semester of 2022 working on various topics in the field of compliance for Hengstenberg GmbH & Co KG under the technical and organizational guidance of Dr. Kathrin Zwecker and the practical guidance of Ms. Nicole Scherrenbacher (Head of QM and Compliance at Hengstenberg GmbH & Co KG). The students found that the topic of compliance is characterized by an extreme variety of topics and is "not particularly legalistic": among other things, they worked on tasks concerning compliance communication, training concepts, risk analyses, money laundering or anti-corruption. Particular emphasis was placed on giving students an insight into the design of compliance solutions for practical applications.

During many presentations, group work and coaching sessions, the students developed into compliance experts and dived deeper and deeper into the corporate world of the practice partner. As part of an exhibition and final presentation, the participants then even had the opportunity to present their work results live to the management and senior executives of Hengstenberg GmbH & Co. KG and to obtain direct practical feedback on the semester's work.

Henri Pillot (Managing Director of Hengstenberg GmbH & Co. KG) commented as follows: "I didn't think we would get work results at this level. I am impressed by how comprehensively and practically relevant the students have worked on your tasks."

Thanks to the tireless efforts of all involved, this year's compliance concept seminar was a successful event and a great success for all participants. Dr. Kathrin Zwecker, Prof. Dr. Kai-Thorsten Zwecker and Prof. Dr. Erik Rederer would like to express their sincere thanks to Hengstenberg for their commitment and the open and deep insights that the students were able to gain into the field of compliance.

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