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TTZ Gün­zburg presents pa­per at con­fer­ence in Canada

31.08.2022, Re­search :

Prof. Dr. Philipp Brune, scientific director of the Technology Transfer Center (TTZ), traveled to Montreal, Canada, at the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) at the end of August 2022. At the conference, Prof. Brune presented a paper.

The conference, held August 21-25, 2022, is the flagship conference of IAPR, the International Association of Pattern Recognition. Professionals working in the fields of computer vision, image, sound, speech, pattern recognition, and machine intelligence were able to update their knowledge and enhance their skills in all subspecialties of pattern recognition on site. Jens Gebele, research associate at TTZ, published a paper together with Prof. Dr. Philipp Brune and Prof. Dr. Stefan Faußer on " On the Impact of Annotation (In-) Consistencies and Label Ambiguity in Facial Data on Emotion Recognition". Prof. Dr. Philipp Brune traveled to Canada for this purpose, and the paper was met with great interest and lively discussion.

The paper deals in detail with computer-based emotion recognition from human facial expressions. For this purpose, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods are used to gain insights from numerous image recordings. In particular, the data (quality) plays an essential role for the application. Problems in the data can cause artificial intelligence (AI)-based systems to reach incorrect conclusions or decisions. This can lead to disadvantages, discrimination and ethical dilemmas. The TTZ scientists were able to show that AI-based systems for recognizing emotions basically deliver promising results and can also provide great added value in practice. However, Jens Gebele also points out: "AI must be used with great care. In particular, the data used should also be viewed critically and with caution. This is very important to us."

About the Technology Transfer Center (TTZ)

The Technology Transfer Center Günzburg is an institution of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm and exists since fall 2020 at the location Günzburg. Its main task is to transfer scientific findings in the field of artificial intelligence to companies in the region and to expand cooperation with local companies in applied research projects. Interested companies can contact the TTZ experts on the website - - or by mail at

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