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13.09.2022, Press Release :

"Shaping change - successfully implementing academization of the nursing and healthcare professions" is the title of the 4th WissensTransferTag of Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) in cooperation with the Gesundheitsregionplus Landkreis Neu-Ulm. The event will take place on September 28, 2022, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Vöhlinschloss in Illertissen; participation is free of charge.

"The challenges for nursing and healthcare professionals are becoming ever greater: new forms of therapy, assistance systems, digitalization, the aging of society, multimorbidity and other factors are placing ever greater demands. Parallel to this, the required expertise is changing at ever shorter intervals, making lifelong learning during professional life, as well as academization, indispensable," say the two organizers Prof. Dr. Sylvia Schafmeister, Vice President for Interdisciplinary Health Care at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, and Marc Löchner, Office Manager of Gesundheitsregionplus Landkreis Neu-Ulm.

The legislature has reacted to these changes and established primary qualifying courses of study for nursing in addition to the familiar vocational training for nursing. Marc Löchner evaluates the academization as an important contribution to an increase in the attractiveness of the nursing and health care professions. Prof. Schafmeister emphasizes the great challenges this poses for hospitals and care facilities in successfully integrating the new occupational profiles in practice.

For this reason, the 4th KnowledgeTransferDay also focuses on the motto "Shaping Change" and provides impulses from science and practice for the nursing and healthcare facilities in the region. The application reference for the practice is capitalized with the meeting and in the Workshops in the afternoon sufficiently time for the exchange exists.

The venue for the event will be the Vöhlinschloss University Center in Illertissen; in addition, there will also be the opportunity to follow the impulse lectures in the morning via live streaming. Continuing education points have been applied for at the RbP - Registrierung beruflich Pflegender for participation in the full-day event.

To the program and registration:

The venue for the KnowledgeTransferDay is the Vöhlinschloss in Illertissen. (opens enlarged image)
The venue for the KnowledgeTransferDay is the Vöhlinschloss in Illertissen.