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HNU sci­ent­ists present re­search on stress man­age­ment in VR train­ing

23.05.2023, Re­search :

How effective is AI-supported VR training when it comes to stress management in negotiation simulations? Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer and Kirill Semenkin from the Competence Center for Growth and Sales Strategies at Neu-Ulm University (HNU) are investigating this question in a study that has now been presented at "AIRSI2023 - The Metaverse Conference".

The international conference, which focuses on the application and impact of Industry 4.0 technologies, was held hybrid May 15-17 at the Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain. Among the accepted papers to be presented to a global audience was a paper by the two HNU researchers, titled "Perception of Stress in an AI-based VR Training vs. Role-Play Simulation," which deals with AI-supported VR training. 

The goal of the underlying study was to examine stress activation during artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual reality (VR) training and role-play simulation, compare the stress response produced by the two approaches, and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of AI-based VR training compared to traditional role-play techniques in managing stress. The analysis of physiological responses and subjective emotional experiences provided valuable insights into the potential of AI and VR technologies in stress management and training.

With their study, Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer and Kirill Semenkin extend the research on the perception of AI and VR technologies in training applications and offer important practical recommendations for training developers and educators.

Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer
Kirill Semenkin  

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HNU presentation at AIRSI