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Get fit for start­ing your ca­reer: Bay­ern­Ment­or­ing enters a new round

16.11.2023, Study :

This winter semester, the BayernMentoring program is once again offering young women at HNU the opportunity to get professional support in terms of career entry and career development. From November 2023 to April 2024, 20 female students will take part in the program, which supports female students in STEM degree programs throughout the state.

At HNU, the program has been open to female students of all disciplines since 2018. In view of the expected continuing staff shortages in the field of computer science, the focus is on female students in IT degree programs: Twelve of the 20 current participants are enrolled on an IT degree course.

Mentoring is a successful model of personnel development in companies. At the university, the relationship between mentor and mentee is also at the heart of the support program: female managers from companies in the region take on a mentoring role in order to strengthen female students - the mentees - for positions of responsibility. As role models, they pass on their knowledge and experience to the young women and provide valuable insights into their career development. But not only the mentees, but also the mentors benefit from participating in the program: they receive inspiration from motivated young professionals. The fact that this win-win relationship is sustainably inspiring is demonstrated by the composition of the team: some mentors from the very beginning have been taking part in BayernMentoring from 2006 until today, and eight former mentees are now mentors themselves.

The mentoring tandems are accompanied by workshops and network meetings. The students can use these opportunities to fill their personal "toolbox" for their career start. By exchanging ideas with the other mentors and students, they receive inspiration for their own career planning. The workshops held by trainers for managers in business enable the mentees to further develop their personal skills.

About BayernMentoring at the HNU
BayernMentoring is a program run by the HNU Equal Opportunities Officer for Science and Art, Prof. Dr. Claudia Kocian-Dirr. The mentoring program at HNU is open to female students from all disciplines. Experienced female managers from the business world accompany female students and advise them on the transition from studying to working life. Regular network meetings and workshops ensure exchange and training. The targeted support focuses on both personal career planning and individual personal development.

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