Professor Dr. Andy Weeger

Professor of Information Management

Head of the degree programme Master of Strategic Information Management

Director of the Centre for Research on Service Sciences (CROSS)

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1522

Location: Main Building A, A.1.46

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Wileystraße 1
89231 Neu-Ulm
Professor Dr. Andy Weeger

Thesis topics

I am open for various topics, at the intersection between technology, organizations and individuals. Below some fields I am particularly interested in. However, if you have another topic in mind, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your topic. Use Calendly (opens in a new window) to arrange a meeting.

    AI and decision-making

    Algorithm aversion: Individuals’ reactions of individuals to decisions made by AI (favorable vs. unfavorable decisions)

    • How do individuals perceive AI-based performance evaluation?
    • How can algorithm aversion be overcome?
    • What determines perceptions of fairness of AI-decision making of individuals (e.g., employees, customers)?

    The influence of ethical AI on decision-making

    • How can ethical AI be defined? What are use-cases for ethical AI?
    • Who do individuals react when they perceive an AI ethical compared to when not?
    • What types of explanations make the decision process more transparent and understandable? 
    • How can explanations be communicated to users such that they improve the user’s trust and improves human-AI collaboration (i.e., efficiency)?

    Paradoxes in AI implementation and use

    • What are specific paradoxes related to AI and use?
    • How do organizations deal with the paradoxes of implementing AI?

    Human-AI collaboration (hybrid intelligence)

    • How must AI systems be designed to work in synergy with humans?

    • How can these systems learn from and adapt to humans and their environment?

    • How can we ensure that they behave ethically and responsibly?

    • What are the specific challenges and benefits of human-AI collaboration, given the complementarity of their skills and abilities?

    • How can human-AI collaboration be used to improve learning systems (e.g., communicating intent and giving feedback) or staffing systems (who to staff on which project)?

    The convergence of IT and OT:

    • Developing and testing an ontology for IT and OT (characteristics of the technology, implementation, and management approaches) to better understand those two knowledge regimes.
    • Literature review on cyber-resilience regarding OT to provide a synthesis of the existing knowledge on how to increase cyber-resilience
    • Literature review on different approaches to run/operate OT to develop an OT operating model

    Curriculum Vitae


    Professor for Informationsmanagement, HNU

    10/2019 - 02/2021

    Senior Director Strategy & Development, Global IT, Wieland Group
    Global responsibility for IT strategy and digitilization, business-IT alignment, project portfolio management, enterprise architecture management (EAM), enablement/training, business intelligence and advanced analytics, post-merger IT integration


    Senior Manager Digital Transformation, Wieland Group
    Responsibility for the digitalization program at Wieland with focus on internal processes in HR and Finance (Global HR operating model, advanced analytics, ESS, MSS, process mining, RPA)


    Head of Business-Engineers & Functional Leads, Wieland Group
    Global responsibility for business-IT relationships, enterprise architecture management (EAM) and project portfolio management.
    Part of the digitalization initiative focusing on collaboration, communication and analytics.


    Research Assistang,HNU
    Initiation of various third-party funded research projects, development of transfer formats in the center for research on service sciences (CROSS), various research projects and teaching assignments

    PhD from Bamberg University, Dr. rer. pol, Thesis: "Operational Business-IT Alignment in Healthcare - Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evidence"

    IT Project Manager, Wieland Group
    Project management (global master data management program), junior project manager for an ERP roll-out project in the USA
    Master-Studium, HNU
    Advanced Management, Information Management, Master of Science
    Bachelor-Studum, HS Ulm
    Digital Media, Bachelor of Arts
    Founder and Partner, vg mediastudio gmbh & co. kg
    Branding, Usability, Web and App Development (
    Trainee, suedfluegel werbeagentur
    "Mediengestalter für Digital und Printmedien", IHK



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