Fa­cil­it­ies and ser­vices

[Translate to English:] Bibliothek der HNU


The HNU Library provides access to an extensive collection of analogue and digital specialist media.

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Data Pro­tec­tion

Information on data protection and how to contact the data protection officer at HNU.

Eltern Kind Büro

Fam­ily Ser­vice Of­fice

The BIZEPs is the advice and information centre at HNU for parents, personal and social issues.

Wo­men's Rep­res­ent­at­ive

The women's representatives advise and support female students, academic staff, female teachers and professors.


The Equal Opportunities Act applies within the university and with it the responsibility of the Equal Opportunities Officer for administrative staff.

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Mar­ket­ing & Com­mu­nic­a­tion

Interview partners, pictures and information about current developments at HNU can be found here.

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Hu­man Re­sources

The Human Resources staff looks after all personnel at the HNU in personnel matters.

Centre for Di­git­iz­a­tion

The Centre for Digitisation (ZfD) for the further development and continuation of the digitisation strategy of the HNU.