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Foundation of center for postgraduate studies
In 2000
Number of graduates
1200 graduates
Number of students
280 students
Number of lecturers
70 lecturers

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Zen­trum für Wei­t­er­bildung

Phone: 0731/9762-2525

Location: Hauptgebäude, A.2.20

Kursteilnehmer des MGP-Studiengangs beim Kursbeginn 2020

10.03.2020, Post­gradu­ate: Cur­rent course start: Part-time B.A. Man­age­ment for health and nurs­ing pro­fes­sions at the…

Course start 2020: For the approximately twenty new participants of the B.A. Management for health and nursing professions, it means to start this week and to go a new way with the part-time studies.…