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B.A. Man­age­ment for Health and Nurs­ing Pro­fes­sions

Internal lecturers

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Schafmeister


Strategic Head of the Centre for Postgraduate and Professional Studies

Dean of Studies of the Department of Health Management

Head of study program Leadership and Management in Health Care

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Schafmeister is Strategic Director of the Postgraduate Studies Programme at Neu-Ulm University and head of the MBA Leadership and Management in Healthcare as well as the Bachelor's program Management for Healthcare and Nursing Professions. Among other things, she represents the subjects of hospital, personnel and organizational management. Prior to her appointment at the university, she was responsible for the areas of human resources and organization in a hospital with a focus on hospital management.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Da-Cruz


Internship Coordinator for Business Studies in Healthcare Management

Member of the Institute for Networked Health

Head of study program Leadership and Management in Health Care

Patrick Da-Cruz is Professor of Business Administration and Healthcare Management at the Faculty of Healthcare Management at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) and Scientific Director of the MBA program Leadership and Management in Healthcare. Before joining HNU, Mr. Da-Cruz worked for well-known strategy consultancies in the pharmaceutical / healthcare sector as well as in management positions in companies in the healthcare industry in Germany and abroad.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Würfel


Director of studies and advisor for studies in business administration in the health care sector

Alexander Würfel has been a professor at the Faculty GM of HNU since 2013 with the courses: Special Business Administration II (Rehab and Nursing Facilities), Marketing in Healthcare, Gerontology and Process and Quality Management. In 2000, Mr. Würfel was involved in the establishment of the Competence Center E-Business at the University of Trier. He completed his doctorate at the University of Trier in 2005 and moved to the Baden-Württemberg Hospital Association in Stuttgart in 2006. There, he was primarily responsible for the support of member institutions in the area of rehabilitation and the topic complex of electronic health cards (eGK).

Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda


Research Professor at the Faculty of Health Management

Head of the DigiHealth Institute

Chairman of the Joint Ethics Committee of the Bavarian Universities (GEHBa)

Walter Swoboda is a professor at the Faculty GM of HNU with the courses: Introduction to Information Management, Information Management in Healthcare, Information and Communication in Healthcare, Project and Quality Management in Healthcare, and Introduction to Medical Technology. Before joining HNU, Mr. Swoboda was employed as a resident in internal medicine and neurology as well as IT manager at Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH and head of medical technology and IT at the hospital of the University of Munich.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Krammer


Dean of Studies of the Department of Health Management

Member of the Senate

Member of the University Council

Sandra Krammer has been Professor of Digitalization in Healthcare at Neu-Ulm University since 2015 with the courses: Application Systems in Healthcare, IT Projects Mathematics, Introduction to SAP and Transfer Projects.
After her education and professional work as a nurse at Augsburg Hospital, she studied medical documentation and computer science and worked in various research projects on the use of software applications in medical education and in the field of diagnostics and therapy. After moving to industry, she became particularly enthusiastic about projects involving agile software development in the social and healthcare sectors.

External lecturers