BA Di­gital Man­age­ment and Tech­no­lo­gies

Programme Start 
Winter semester
Studying without a university entrance qualification
Study Fees
1.550 euros per semester
Programme Duration 
6 on-campus semesters upon recognition of profession
≙ 10 semesters, 210 ECTS, Teaching language German, language level C1
Bachelor of Arts (BA)

What topics are included in the curriculum?

The classical, business administration subjects are given a special place in the study period, as are the information technology subjects. The course is supplemented by topics such as

  • Digitalization and new technologies,
  • Future-oriented working methods (agile methods, design thinking),
  • as well as intra- and entrepreneurship.

Beyond the scientific and methodological qualification, the study program serves in particular the acquisition of personality-related key qualifications and reflection competencies for the assumption of personnel management tasks.

Professor Dr. Daniel Schallmo

Your pro­gramme dir­ector: Pro­fessor Dr. Daniel Schallmo

Professor for Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship

Programme Director Master Digital Transformation and Global Entrepreneurship

Programme Director BA Digital Management and Technologies

Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship

Member of the Institute for Digital Transformation

Coordinator of studies with deepened practical experience and composite studies

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1531

Location: Edisonallee 1, EINS, 2 EDISON 1

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In­form­a­tion even­ings and in­di­vidual con­sulta­tions via ZOOM

The next information event on the part-time BA degree program

will take place on Monday,  14 June 2021,

at 5:30 p.m.

via Zoom.

All interested parties are very welcome!

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The program directors are also currently offering individual advising sessions via ZOOM or by phone. Please send us an email if you are interested.

Writ­ten uni­versity en­trance ex­am­in­a­tion

The university entrance examination will take place for all applicants on

26 July 2021, at 9:00-10:30 a.m.

If possible, the university entrance examination and the counselling interviews will be held on one day.

Optionally, in case of a high number of applicants, an additional date will be offered.

05.05.2021, Post­gradu­ate: Cur­rent MBA info even­ings in May 2021: Re­gister now for the Zoom event!

A warm invitation to the online MBA information events of HNU's continuing education. The following part-time degree programmes will be presented:



  • 1.Semester

    • Skill Management I
    • Scientific Work I
    • Design Thinking
    • Management Basics I
  • 2.Semester

    • Project Management and Digital Tools
    • Management English and Digital Presence
    • Digital Intra- and Entrepreneurship
    • Management Basics II
  • 3.Semester

    • Digital Trend Scouting
    • Digital Basics I
    • Process Management and Innovation
    • Agile Methods
  • 4.Semester

    • Digital Basics II
    • Digital transformation of business models
    • Digital Technologies
    • Digital Data Science
  • 5.Semester

    • Digitisation in communication
    • Digital Basics III
    • Scientific Work II
    • Seminar paper

    Completion with a university certificate is possible.

  • 6.Semester

    • Skill Management II
    • Bachelor colloquium
    • Bachelor's thesis

    Graduation with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with 210 ECTS

Ap­plic­a­tion and Ad­mis­sion


  • University entrance qualification or general university entrance qualification and a completed apprenticeship of at least two years' duration and at least six months' work experience in a recognized specialist occupation.
  • Studying without a high school diploma: Applicants who have completed at least two years of training in a recognized profession and have at least three years of professional experience can also be admitted to studies without a high school diploma; however, a university entrance examination is required.

State-recognised professions

  • Information technology clerk
  • IT Specialist
  • System computer scientist
  • Industrial clerk
  • Office management assistant


Application documents


  • Please register on the online HNU application portal and start the application process when the application period begins. All documents must be received by HNU in full by the end of the application period. Any applications submitted after the end of the application period will not be considered.

    Please contact Ms Martina Maurer if you have any questions concerning requirements, recognition of credits for previous achievements or the application process in general.


  • With your admission notification, you will receive information about the deadline for your enrolment at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

    First, you will need to apply for enrolment online. You will then need to sign the application for enrolment and mail it to the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences along with the other enrolment documents. Please note that these must be submitted by the end of the enrolment period.

    Please read the following important documents before you fill in the forms for enrolment at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences:

  • IT User Regulations
  • Library User Regulations
  • Student Health Insurance Pamphlet

(These documents can be found on the application portal as well as in the Application Process/Admission section.)

Please note:

Your documents must be complete when you enrol. If you fail to meet the deadline for enrolment, your admission notification will become invalid. We also ask that you remember to transfer the tuition fees on time.

Certificate of enrolment

  • You can conveniently print out your certificate of enrolment via the Studies and Exams Office online portal.  You will need to use an iTAN, which you will receive in the mail following your enrolment.
    You will be given an iTAN list at the beginning of your programme.

    Please make sure that the Studies and Exams Office has your current address at all times. You can change your address on the online portal at any time.

Per­sonal ad­vising

Information events

Would you like to meet us in person and get first-hand information about the continuing education program at Neu-Ulm University and the BA Digital Management and Technologies?

Then visit our next information event. information event. On this evening, you will receive all information from the head of the study program and the staff of the Center for Continuing Education, from the application to the excursion. In addition, there will be the opportunity to ask personal questions after the presentation.

All interested parties are welcome!



Individual advising sessions

Ask us for an appointment for a personal consultation. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions in detail.

For questions concerning the curriculum: Katharina Ehmig-Klassen

For questions concerning application and admission: Martina Maurer


Ca­reer field

Opportunities for programme graduates 

The study programme is aimed at people with relevant vocational training in a commercial and information technology and information technology professions who want to prepare for a management position while working or who want to gain further qualifications in business administration as a manager.

This includes an understanding of business processes and the economic, political and legal framework conditions. In addition, students deal with current digital IT topics and learn about the special features of this industry.

Career perspectives

After completing the programme, students are qualified for a leadership position as well as for taking on management positions or advisory functions in digitalisation. The following career fields are possible: Digital Manager, Digital Professional, Digital Consultant.

Possible job profiles

The following future-oriented job profiles are possible:

  • Digital Manager
  • Digital Professional
  • Digital Consultant

All ad­vant­ages of the BA Di­gital Man­age­ment and Tech­no­lo­gies at a glance

Interview with programme director Professor Dr Daniel Schallmo

Professor Dr. Daniel Schallmo is the head of the BA Digital Management and Technologies programme. He is also Professor of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship, Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, member of the Institute for Digital Transformation and coordinator of "Dual Studies" at Neu-Ulm University.

What advantages does the BA programme Digital Management and Technologies offer from your point of view Professor Dr. Schallmo?

Professor Dr. Daniel Schallmo: "The BA programme "Digital Management and Technologies" offers three main advantages:

  1. The students are qualified regarding a cutting-edge topic related to digitalisation - this is very interesting for both the students and the companies in which they are employed.
  2. The degree programme has been designed in such a way that it can be studied alongside a job by working professionals with a qualifying degree, i.e. the courses are mostly held on Fridays and Saturdays. Qualifying qualifications include industrial clerk, IT clerk, IT specialist, systems IT specialist and industrial clerk.
  3. In addition to technical content, practical application in the form of case studies, group work and tools is also taken into account; furthermore, the course offers the possibility of networking among students and an excursion abroad."

Why is the topic of digitalisation so important for professionals and companies?

Professor Dr Daniel Schallmo: "Digitalisation affects all areas of society, especially companies. At the same time, digitalisation opens up new networking opportunities and enables cooperation between different actors who, for example, exchange data and thus initiate processes. In this context, digitalisation encompasses several aspects, for example measuring digital maturity, digital strategy, digital transformation and digital implementation.

It is important for companies to deal with the topic professionally in order to remain competitive. This also requires qualified employees who shape the change from different perspectives.

The concept of our study programme is to enable practical application and transfer into business practice in addition to the professional qualification. This is an advantage for everyone involved: the students work on real and relevant projects and the companies receive valuable impulses for the digital transformation."

In which professional field can one work after successfully completing the degree programme and what is exciting about it?

Professor Dr Daniel Schallmo: "Typically, after successful completion, you can take on a leadership position as a digital manager, digital professional, business developer or digital consultant. These professional fields represent an interface between company management and individual departments. Graduates benefit from their previous education and work, as they have relevant practical experience.

Particularly exciting is the opportunity to actively shape the digital transformation and thus meet the ever-increasing economic requirements and the dynamic process of change".

BA Digtal Man­age­ment and Tech­no­lo­gies - an over­view

Course of studies

The standard study period of ten semesters can be reduced by four semesters to six semesters of attendance through the recognition of vocational training in a recognised specialist occupation. The attendance times are distributed over approx. 8 days per semester, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.
After the 5th attendance semester, the study programme can be completed with a university certificate or after the 6th attendance semester with a Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Advantages of the study programme

  • The part-time study programme enables students to continue to pursue their professional activities. This ensures a high level of transfer between theory and practice. 
  • The limited number of students offers a high level of group interaction, short distances and personal contact with the professors, Postgraduate studies staff and fellow students. 
  • The didactic concept is divided into courses with different teaching forms (seminars, small group discussions, presentations and reflections) and virtual learning units with the e-learning platform.
  • The teaching of learning content and the exchange of students takes place increasingly online and virtually in this degree programme. The attendance time at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences is approximately eight days per semester.
  • An interesting excursion is obligatory for the participants.

Type of study

The degree programme can be completed part-time.

Target group

The degree programme is aimed at people with relevant vocational training in a commercial and information technology occupation who want to prepare for a management position while working or who want to gain further qualifications in business administration as a manager.

Accredited professions:

  • Information technology clerk
  • IT specialist
  • Systems IT Specialist
  • Industrial clerk
  • Office management assistant

Presence time

Each semester consists of four modules. There will be approximately two attendance days per module, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. In this degree programme, the attendance time per semester will thus comprise approx. eight attendance days.

Example module design

Ex­ample mod­ule design 

Each semester consists of four modules. The following overview shows an example of a module to give an insight into the module design.

Module design

Day of lecture

Teacher / Students


Intro with basics




Presence HNU

Self-study 1





Basics / examples, application / outlook on group work

Friday and Saturday


Presence HNU

Group project 1





Coaching, Q&A on group project


Research assistant


Group project 2





Final presentation group project / Outlook for transfer work




Transfer work 1





Coaching/ Q&A on transfer work 


Research assistant


Transfer work 2





Final presentation Transfer work 








  • Matriculation standard for universities of applied sciences or general matriculation standard for universities of applied sciences and a completed apprenticeship of at least two years and at least half a year of professional practice in a recognised specialist occupation.
  • Studying without Abitur: Applicants who have completed at least two years of training in a recognised specialist occupation and have at least three years of professional practice can also be admitted to studies without Abitur; a university entrance examination is required.

Application period

For the winter semester: 15 May - 15. July

Special facts about recognition

  • The standard period of study of ten semesters can be shortened by four semesters due to vocational training in a recognised profession.
  • After the 5th semester of attendance (9th semester), the study programme can be completed with a university certificate or after the 6th semester of attendance (10th semester) with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


What if changes within my job make it impossible for me to study?

You may study at a slower pace.
Please contact us and together we can come up with an individualised curriculum for a specific period of time.

What if I need to interrupt my studies due to family reasons?

You have the option of applying for a semester off. If you suspend your studies for an entire semester, no tuition fees will be charged.

How much does the programme cost per semester?

Per semester tuition fees of € 1,550 plus student union contribution are charged.

This includes the costs for participation in all classroom events, the e-learning units and the supervision by the lecturers.

In addition, there are excursion costs.

What other costs do I need to be aware of, in addition to the tuition fees?

  • Costs for travel to HNU
  • Possibly accommodation costs, depending on the distance to your place of residence
  • Costs for printing and copying
  • Costs for books, as necessary
  • Costs for the excursion


What happens if I don’t pass an exam?

You may repeat every exam.

Are there any study groups?

Yes, the programme is designed for learning in groups.

An internet platform and multimedia clubrooms are available for group work at HNU. The group structure has proven to be very effective and participants also make individual arrangements for studying in groups.

Am I required to inform my employer?

We strongly recommend making an arrangement with your employer, as you will need the understanding of your superiors during your studies. You may also be striving toward a future management position with your current employer.

Does the employer cover the cost of the programme?

Contact your employer. Some employers support their employees, generally by covering the tuition fees and/or awarding time off for on-campus seminars.

What should I do when I have holidays?

Holidays are necessary. We would, however, ask that you don’t plan your holidays during the on-campus weeks, as this would require you to catch up on large amounts of material. You are required to attend 80% of the on-campus seminars. Please coordinate your holidays with your study group. 

What can I do if I have a question about a specific task?

Make use of the knowledge and support within your group and start by asking there. Questions directed to professors will also be answered in a timely fashion.

What happens if I exceed the standard duration of studies?

If you exceed the standard duration of studies, you will only be charged administrative fees in the amount of 250 euros, plus the student services fee.


Discover impressions of the study programme.