MBA in Di­gital Lead­er­ship and IT-Man­age­ment

Summer-/winter semester
September - October 2021
EUR 2,780 per semester
5 semesters, 90 ECTS
Teaching language German, language level C1

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

What will be taught?


The course will give you up-to-date and practical-based information on

  • Business administration,
  • Business management, and
  • Issues relating to IT applications

Students learn about solutions for IT strategies and the opportunities and risks resulting from them.

You will acquire technologically in-depth management expertise to help you play a successful leading role in an industry that is undergoing dynamic change. 

Achim Dehnert

YOUR PRO­GRAMME DIR­ECTOR Pro­fessor Dr. Achim Dehnert

Dean of the Department of Information Management

Academic Advisor for Information Management Automotive

Head of the degree programme MBA Digital Leadership und IT-Management

Data protection officer of the faculties

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1500

Location: Main Building A, A.1.45

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In­form­a­tion even­ings and one-to-one con­sulta­tions via ZOOM

The next information event for the MBA Digital Leadership and IT Management will take place on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 at 06:00 p.m.

Would you like to find out more and need individual advice? Then take advantage of the opportunity and arrange a personal consultation with our study programme directors, either via Zoom or by telephone.

If you are interested, please contact us by E-Mail.

05.05.2021, Post­gradu­ate: Cur­rent MBA info even­ings in May 2021: Re­gister now for the Zoom event!

A warm invitation to the online MBA information events of HNU's continuing education. The following part-time degree programmes will be presented:



  • 1.Mod­ule

    General Management 9 ECTS

    • Principles of business management and economics
    • Taxation and the law
  • 2.Mod­ule

    Controlling and Finance Management 9 ECTS

    • Internal and external accounting
    • Controlling, investment accounting and finance
  • 3.Mod­ule

    International Management and Intercultural Communication 9 ECTS

    • International management
    • Globalisation, internationalisation and international economic relations
  • 4.Mod­ule

    Leadership and Key Skills 9 ECTS

    • HR leadership and management
    • Self-leadership
  • 5.Mod­ule

    Entrepreneurship and Management 9 ECTS

    • Entrepreneurship and Management
    • Strategic marketing
    • Business plans
  • 6.Mod­ule

    General Conditions for Digital Transformation 9 ECTS

    • Business models, IT strategy and governance
    • IoT and IT security
  • 7.Mod­ule

    Digital Innovation and Business Transformation 9 ECTS

    • Enterprise architecture management
    • Innovation management and projects
  • 8.Mod­ule

    Digital Value Creation Activities 9 ECTS

    • Enterprise Resource Planning und Social Media
    • Big Data and Data Analysis
  • 9.Mod­ule

    Master’s thesis and seminar 18 ECTS

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) with 90 ECTS


Application documents

Application documents:

  • Tabular CV
  • University degree certificate (copy)
  • University entrance qualification (copy)
  • Proof of at least two years’ professional experience
  • Apply online. If you have any questions about your application, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you!

Click here to apply online (opens in a new window).

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Admission requirements

  • A completed university degree in a subject worth at least 210 ECTS points
  • Applicants with a university degree worth 180 ECTS points can make up the missing points by passing examinations from the current range of courses
  • At least two years’ professional experience
  • Degree with a final grade of 2.5 or better

The responsible examination committee decides on admission to the course.


Information event

Would you like to get to know us and get first-hand information about courses at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the MBA in Digital Leadership and IT Management?

Then why not come to our next information event? The programme director and the staff at the Centre for Continuing Education will be happy to provide you with all the information you need about the application and the course content including the study trip abroad. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

Everyone welcome!

One-to-one appointments

Please get in touch to arrange a one-to-one appointment. We would be pleased to help you.

If you have any questions regarding course content, please contact Professor Dr Achim Dehnert.

If you have any questions regarding applications and admission, please contact Rebecca Vogel.


What opportunities does the degree programme open up?

The programme is aimed at working people who have completed their first degree and who want to gain further qualifications after a few years of practical work experience – while working at the same time.

Globalisation goes hand-in-hand with technological innovations and is revolutionising the world of work. Technology companies and their managers and executives, in particular, have to keep pace with the ever-changing digital working world by ensuring that their IT know-how and IT management skills are up-to-date.

The programme provides up-to-date information on business administration, business management and strategic IT management. The course also teaches you key skills, self-management skills and leadership skills.

Upon successful completion, graduates qualify to take on managerial roles and management functions in technology-based companies.


Benefits of the degree programme

The programme takes place part-time. You will be able to combine your studies with your work and family commitments thanks to a perfect combination of university-based sessions and e-learning units. The course helps you to become proficient in leadership and decision-making and helps develop leadership skills. 

Students are able to prepare for exams in small learning groups and by having regular personal contact with teaching staff.

Type of study

Part-time, intensive university-based sessions (Fridays and Saturdays) every two to four weeks


Target group

Working people with a first degree who would like to gain further qualifications after at least two years of practical work experience and who intend to take on a management role or a leadership function in IT or in a technology-based company.


University-based sessions are easy to fit into your schedule. They take place on Fridays and Saturdays every two to four weeks. No attendance is required in the fifth semester, as students will be working on their master’s thesis during this period.


  • A completed university degree in a subject worth at least 210 ECTS points
  • University degrees worth 180 ECTS points will be granted a further 30 ECTS points if students can show that they have relevant professional experience
  • Bachelor degrees with 180 ECTS points will be upgraded if students pass examinations from the current range of courses at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • A degree with a final grade of 2.5 or better (or a pass in an entrance examination)
  • At least 2 years’ professional experience after completing the first degree

Application period

For students starting the programme in the winter semester: 02 May - 31 August

For students starting the programme in the summer semester: 15 November - 31 January

What makes this programme special?

  • In-depth and practice-based knowledge in business administration, business management and IT management
  • Understanding how to plan IT strategies and the opportunities and risks arising from different IT strategies
  • Specific preparation for the requirements of management positions in the IT sector
  • University-based sessions (Fridays and Saturdays) every two to four weeks that are easy to fit into your schedule
  • High degree of flexibility based on a modular structure
  • Use of e-learning units, self-study and organised study in small student groups
  • Setting up project-based study assignment with intensive coaching support and supervision from lecturers
  • An international focus


How often do lectures take place?

The university-based attendance is easy for you to fit into your schedule and takes place every two to four weeks. The lectures take place on Fridays and Saturdays. This means that you can combine them with your work and family commitments. There may occasionally be changes to the timing of the lectures due to the need to keep step with school holidays in Bavaria.

Do I have to have a master’s degree to be admitted to the part-time MBA?

No, you only have to satisfy the following requirements in order to be admitted onto the MBA programme:

  • A completed university degree
  • At least 2 years’ professional experience after completing a first degree
  • Successful participation in the selection process

Should I be interested in the part-time MBA programme if I already have a master's degree?

If you wish to prepare specifically for taking on leadership and management roles, then the part-time MBA programme is for you.

The aim of the programme is to prepare for leadership and management roles in the IT sector by teaching content relating to general management, leadership and strategic information management.

Is there a requirement to attend lectures?

There is generally no requirement to attend lectures. However, the two seminars and the study trip abroad are mandatory. Documents from any lectures not attended can be easily accessed at any time via the e-learning platform.

By attending university-based sessions, you will improve your social skills. You will be using discussions and debates to learn how to work more effectively in a team and familiarise yourself with implementation strategies. Sharing information and experiences with a group of students from a range of different disciplines also offers you interesting insights.

The university-based sessions offer you clearly defined periods of time for you to take a break from everyday work and family life and concentrate on your studies.

University-based sessions are spread over lecture semesters 1 to 4.

How long does the course of study last?

The standard course of study covers five semesters. We have 15 years of experience in continuing education. We therefore understand that combining full-time work with part-time studies can be very challenging.  Most students need five semesters to successfully complete the course. The teaching usually takes place on Fridays and Saturdays every two to four weeks. The course also provides for a two-week study period abroad.

How is the course structured?

The course covers five semesters with a total of 441 teaching units (TU) of 45 minutes each. After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the internationally recognised Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. You will earn 90 ECTS from this degree programme. University-based sessions only take place in the first four semesters. Students will spend the fifth semester working on their master’s thesis.

When can I start the course?

You can start the course either in the summer semester (early March) or in the winter semester (mid/late September).

Are the costs of the tuition fees tax deductible?

The tuition fees as well as all costs associated with your studies are fully tax deductible.

What is the difference between consecutive, non-consecutive and continuing Master's programmes?

Consecutive programmes build directly on the previous bachelor’s degree in terms of content and usually also in terms of time. They are therefore a continuation of the first degree.

Non-consecutive programmes do not build directly on the content of a first degree and open up new subject areas or are interdisciplinary.

Postgraduate master's programmes require at least two years’ professional experience after completing the first degree.

How much does it cost?

The cost is EUR 2,780 per semester, totalling EUR 13,900 for the entire course.

This includes the costs of attendance, the e-learning units and the support from the lecturers.
There is also a student union fee payable each semester.

Costs of organising and coordinating the study trip are included in the tuition fees. However, the fees do not cover the costs of flights, board and accommodation during the study trip abroad.

What does a Master of Business Administration degree give me?

Learning about general management, leadership and strategic information management will prepare you for leadership and decision-making roles in the IT sector. Graduates from this degree programme are equipped to take on leadership positions in technology-based companies, associations, unions and technology-based service companies.

When I submitted my application online, I received the following notification regarding the status of my application:  "Provisionally rejected".  What does this mean?

The application process is an online process. If you are told that your application has been "provisionally rejected", this may mean that you still have to submit documents or sit an entrance examination.

If you have any questions about your application or your status, please contact us. We will then refer your enquiry to the examination office and help you in the application process.

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