Africa Day for En­ter­prises 2020

Prag­matic solu­tions for grow­ing African mar­kets

Information and programme

On 28 January 2020, the 2nd Africa Day for Companies on the topic of "Pragmatic solutions for growing African markets" took place at the University Centre Vöhlinschloss in Illertissen.  With 60 participants, the Africa Day on "Pragmatic solutions for growing African markets" was well attended. The goal of the cooperation between the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) and Bayern Innovativ GmbH was to exchange information about opportunities for products.


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The next Africa Day for Companies will take place online on May 10, 2022!

Short presentations by entrepreneurs on topics such as "Examples and good practices for frugal innovations for markets in Africa", "Do-It-Yourself product components for the application of solar technologies," or "Innovative concrete blocks for added value in Kenya" built the core of the morning program. In the afternoon, the program included a round of expert questions and interactive workshops in four thematic groups.

Prof. Dr. Elmar Steurer, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, commented: "Our Africa Day is an excellent platform for establishing contacts for medium-sized companies from the region with corresponding business partners in Africa. The discussions illustrated that the continent's major challenges also provide great opportunities for companies that can generate high benefits through targeted expansion."

Dr. Daniel Groos from Sharkbite Innovation GmbH, one of the speakers, is also enthusiastic about the format: "Such events are absolutely essential because every company in Germany has to develop an attitude towards the African continent sooner or later. And this attitude can only be developed by acquiring knowledge and talking to each other. Such events are the ideal platform for this: to exchange experiences, best practices, and use cases." A participant from Ritter Consulting summarized: "The program by HNU on the topic of Africa is successful, diverse, and interesting."

The Africa Day for Companies took place for the second time in 2020 and will be offered annually.

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