Cen­ter for Re­search on Ser­vice Sci­ences (CROSS)

We teach and research in the areas of service management, digital platforms, networks and ecosystems, information management and digital innovations in knowledge-intensive sectors.

Our work is characterized by a focus on sustainable transformation and innovative services with a clear orientation towards the challenges of business practice.

Our research is theoretically and methodologically sound and our results are published at an international level.

Di­gital first!

The 18th IT Executive Circle (ITEC) of the CROSS took place on Tuesday in Vöhlinschloss Illertissen under the topic "Digital Transformation and the Role of IT". In addition to current scientific insights, the event is always an excellent platform for professional exchange between CIOs in the Ulm/Neu-Ulm region. This time the focus was on the topics of digital mindset, current projects and goals of transformation in companies, as well as the interplay between CIOs and CDOs. In addition, students of the Digital Innovation Management course have pitched project work on digital transformation with practice partners from the region. We would like to thank all participants for this exciting afternoon!

We have set ourselves the goal of making significant contributions to solving real-world problems. Therefore, we develop, implement and evaluate innovative approaches in close interaction with business and society and bring them to bear there.

Starting from relevant questions and the current state of research, we design scientifically based research models and prototypes, test them with empirical methods and derive application-oriented solutions.

Besides the transfer into practice and teaching, the academic discussion and publication of the research results is an essential part of our work. We regularly publish our results in internationally recognized scientific journals and at academic conferences.


Generate knowledge

Driven by mega-trends such as advancing digitalization, changes in business and society are accelerating noticeably. In order to shape the transformation in a sustainable and positive way, we are working with business, politics and society on various research projects.  The aim of our research is to generate relevant contributions for the international scientific community. We develop and evaluate theory- and evidence-based solutions that generate sustainable added value.


Apply knowledge

Methods, concepts and knowledge only create value if they are applied in practice. To ensure the application orientation of our work, we offer a broad portfolio of formats for exchange and knowledge transfer and are constantly developing these further. If we can support you or if you are interested in a cooperation (e.g. lectures, workshops or cooperative projects) with our institute, please do not hesitate to contact us. You ask, we research and together we develop solutions.


Imparting knowledge

The professors of the institute offer a wide range of courses. These teach both academically challenging and practice-oriented concepts, methods and theories in the areas of service, innovation and information management. Students and practice partners who are interested in current issues within our research areas are offered the opportunity to investigate them theoretically and empirically within a thesis. 

Our Team

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The institute's team includes professors, research associates and associated researchers, each with applied and theoretical expertise in different contexts. The interdisciplinary and diverse structure of our team enables us to look at challenges in practice and science from different perspectives and to develop new, sustainable approaches to solutions.

To our team

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.

Socrates (470-399 BC), Philosopher