Cur­rent re­search pro­jects

Here we present our current research projects. If you are interested or need any further information, please get in contact with the associated contact person.

Com­pleted re­search pro­jects

The following is a list of our projects that have already been completed.

  • Efficient IT in Hospitals (Effiziente IT im Krankenhause, eKIT)
  • Flexible, Customised Service Networks (Flexible, individualisierte Service-Netzwerke, FISnet)
  • Flexible Combining of Heterogeneous Services (Flexible Bündelung Heterogener Dienstleistungen, FleBüDi)
  • Efficient Operating and Control Models for Holistic Optimisation of the Role of IT in Companies (Effiziente Betriebs- und Steuerungsmodelle zur ganzheitlichen Optimierung der IT-Funktion im Unternehmen, EBSgo-IT).
    EBSgo-IT deals with the measurement, assessment and control of the role of IT in companies.
  • Activity Tracking: Use of Fitbit and Similar Devices (Activity Tracking: Nutzung von Fitbit und Co.)
    Research on the potentials, use and effects of “activity tracking”.
Maximilian Haug

Max­imilian Haug

Research Assistant / Department of Information Management

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1518

Location: Edisonallee 7, E7.3.06

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