Magazine "breit­seite"

The first "breitseite" was created in the winter semester 2009/10 in the lecture "Communication Project" by Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger.

Made by students of the degree program "Information Management and Corporate Communications", "breitseite" is aimed at all those interested in the program: pupils, students, alumni, families, friends and potential employers.

Since then, the students of the fifth semester have been producing a new issue of "breitseite" every winter semester under Prof. Kimpflinger and Sabine Geller. Just under fifteen weeks are available for the realisation of a complete magazine: Text, layout, sponsoring for financing, social media and final printing. Despite the short time available, the "breitseite" also tries to meet high aesthetic demands.

The topic selection of each "breitseite" tries to be broad enough for creative text concepts and a versatile visual presentation, so that students can contribute well to their fields of interest and offer the readership interesting reading material from different areas.

Tenth is­sue breit­seite

The tenth issue of breitseite was published in the winter semester 2018/19. The theme of the anniversary issue is "Traces". More than 70 students, including guest students from Finland, Turkey, Poland, Spain and South Korea, once again managed to design the broadsheet, create texts and layouts, find advertisers and lay out everything for printing in just 15 weeks. The magazine is supported by the website (opens in a new window), on Facebook and Instagram, a digital story and a video with additional content. The inspirations of the students on the topic of "Traces" range from personality development for the fast lane, traces of age, fates and animal tracks that have gone off the rails to unsolved criminal cases and a search for clues to the makers of breitseite. And there's an exciting video about the HNU detective.


Ninth is­sue breit­seite

The ninth issue of "breitseite" is about "Movement". What does this mean for each individual? Progress? Standstill? Backward step? A fresh start? The term movement is illuminated in very different ways. The fitness movement in change is just as much a part of it as new food trends or stays abroad, which move and change.

You can obtain a copy of the "breitseite" from Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger. More on the current issue can also be found on (opens in a new window), Facebook (opens in a new window), Twitter (opens in a new window)and Instagram (opens in a new window). And you can download all issues of "breitseite" on the right.