Di­gi­Health In­sti­tute

Our focus is the interdisciplinary research at the intersection of technology, computer science and health care.


Digitalization is more present that ever in health care. Electronic data collection, digital communication, mobile devices and robotics have the potential to significantly improve quality and efficiency in the delivery of health care services. The possibilities are manifold such as mobile applications for personal health management, robotic systems for therapy or telemedicine. These future developments are facing many obstacles and demand, especially from researchers, the answering of pressing questions.

What are the factors preventing the progress of digitalization in health care? What potential is there for counseling, treatment and care? How should new technologies be evaluated? What ethical considerations need to be taken into account? How are new technologies accepted by workers in the health care sector?

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda the DigiHealth Institute aims to answer questions such as these.

Our Team

The Team of the DigiHealth Institute at the virtual teammeeting. Participants from left to right and top to bottom: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Elmar Buchner, Marina Fotteler, Prof. Dr. Johannes Schobel, Ann-Kathrin Waibel, Dr. Martin Schmieder, Prof. Dr. med. Walter Swoboda, Michael Örtl and Felix Holl.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda and his surrogate Priv.-Doz . Dr. Elmar Buchner our group is situated at the Department of Health Managment. With degrees in medicine and computer science as well as many years' experience working as the CIO of several hospitals, Walter Swoboda is an expert for health informatics, medical process management and the use of digtal systems in health care. The research associates Felix Holl, Marina Fotteler, Michael Örtl, and Martin Schmieder complete the team.

  • Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda: Research Professor of the Department of Health Management, Member of the advisory council of the clinic in Weißenhorn, Bavaria
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Elmar Buchner:  Research associate for geo ressource and riks research, Coordinator Technologienetzwerk Bayerisch-Schwaben (TBS) and strategig research funding
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Schobel: Research professor in the field of "Digital Medicine and Care
  • Felix Holl, M.Sc.: Research associate for digitalization in health care, PhD student at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
  • Marina Fotteler, M.Sc.: Research associate for digitalization in nursing, PhD student at Ulm University
  • Michael Örtl, B.Sc.: Research associate for digitalization in nursing and health data
  • Dr. Martin Schmieder: Research associate for reseach project management and  coordinator of the ethics commitee of the Bavarian Universities of Applied Scinences (GEHBa)


The current trends and innovations provide opportunities for exciting and challenging research projects on digitalization in health care. We are happy to assist students in their Bachelor or Master thesis and can assist choosing and finalizing a topic. Here you can find a list of previous work written under our supervision. Often a thesis will be part of a current research project and we strongly support the publication of a thesis as a scientific research article.

Should you be interested to write your thesis in our insttute, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Completed theses

  • Digitalization of radiology - areas of application for artificial intelligence in medical diagnosing
  • Secondary data analysis of public use files - analyzing the current situation
  • The impact of digitalization in medicine using the example of the pathology department
  • The impact of digital biopsy: A literature review
  • Ethical challenges of digitalization in nursing


Presentations 2019

  • 14. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie (DGEpi): "The Usefulness of Assistive Technollogies for Older Adults: Preliminary Results of a Systematic Literature Review" (Marina Fotteler, Viktoria Mühlbauer, Felix Holl, Walter Swoboda, Dhayana Dallmeier, Michael Denkinger), September 2019, Ulm
  • 64. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie e.V. (GMDS): "Die Digitalisierung der Neuropathologie am Beispiel der digitalen Biopsie: Eine qualitative Untersuchung zur Erforschung der potentiellen Auswirkungen" (Lisa Heninger, Marina Fotteler, Felix Holl, Jürgen Schlegel, Walter Swoboda), September 2019,  Dortmund
  • 15. International Symposium on Maritime Health: "The Impact of the MLC2006 and Health and Safety on Board - Results from a Pilot Study" (Marina Fotteler, Olaf Chresten Jensen, Despena Andrioti), June 2019, Hamburg
  • 15th Fachtagung des Fachverbandes für Dokumentation und Informationsmanagement in der Medizin (DVMD): "Trotz des Seearbeitsübereinkommens weiterhin viele Probleme in der Seefahrt: Ein Aufruf, die Potentiale der Digitalisierung zu nutzen" (Marina Fotteler, Olaf C Jensen, Despena Andrioti), March 2019, Düsseldorf (Poster Presentation).
  • German Society for Health Economics 2019 annual meeting: "Evaluation framework for mobile applications in health care: Results of the first iteration" (Felix Holl, Walter Swoboda, Ulrich Mansmann), March 2019, Augsburg
  • EFMI Special Topic Conference (STC): "Using Confocal Endomicroscopy for Digital Biopsy During Brain Surgery: Presentation of a Study Protocol" (Marina Fotteler, Felix Holl, Christopher Käsbach, Jürgen Schlegel, Walter Swoboda), April 2019, Hannover (Poster Presentation)

Presentations 2018

  • 63th annual conference of the GMDS: "Applying mHealth in health care" (Walter Swoboda, Felix Holl, Alexander Würfel), German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, September 2018 in Osnabrueck
  • Z2X - The festival for new visionaries:  "Where mobile phnes can save lives: digital solutions for countries with poor health care" (Feliy Holl), Zeit publisher, September 2018 in Berlin
  • 16th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare: "Methods to measure the impact of mHealth applications: Preliminary results of a scoping review" (Felix Holl), Greek Biomedical and Health Informatics Association, Juli 2018 in Athens, Greece
  • UAEM Conference Germany: "Use of technology in global health" (Feliy Holl), Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, June 2018 in Luebeck
  • TBS Research day 2018: "Chances of digitalization in nursing" (Walter Swoboda), Technology network Bavaria-Swabia, June 2018 in Augsburg
  • TBS Research day 2018: "Applying the latest tools to an old problem: Satellites, mobile phones and malaria" (Felix Holl), Technology network Bavaria-Swabia, June 2018 in Augsburg

Presentations 2017

  • EFMI Special Topic Conference 2017: "Improving access to care in rural Africa through the use of telemedicine: Using a mHealth-system for diabetes patients in Cameroon as a case study" (Felix Holl), European Federation for Medical Informatics, October 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Informatics for Health 2017: " Improving access to care in rural Africa through the use of telemedicine: Using a mHealth-system for diabetes patients in Cameroon as a case study" (Felix Holl), European Federation for Medical Informatics, April 2017 in Manchester, UK


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