Re­search Agenda


Brand Excellence redefines itself in the age of a saturated consumer society. Due to material security, people are looking for meaning and ethical brand orientation. In order to differentiate themselves and win the loyalty of customers and employees, brands must do what people consider important: To anchor meaningful approaches in brand strategy and philosophy.

The Competence Center first discusses how brands can satisfy the basic existential needs of stakeholders and thus contribute to the search for meaning.



Business Excellence must increasingly make use of digitalization in order to act efficiently and effectively in a customer-oriented manner. The Sales Lab offers practice partners the opportunity to develop innovative, sustainable solutions in the areas of sales management, digitization, touchpoint management, marketing and pricing. New concepts and ideas can be tested in virtual 3D environments and refined in several iteration loops. Exciting ideas from the company are fertilized and developed further with scientific expertise. The 3D action environment and the unlimited, communicative, multimedia and interactive possibilities allow for complete immersion in situations and spontaneous, natural action.

The change in values of Generation Y and demographic change are reasons for the increasing competition for qualified specialists and executives in companies. It is vital for companies, especially medium-sized companies, to position themselves as attractive employers with an employer value proposition that is relevant to the target group.
The Competence Center Growth and Sales Strategies conducts the largest "Employer Branding Study" in the region and examines the "radiance" of regional employer brands in the Alb-Danube district, Neu Ulm and Ulm among future executives. With the Employer Branding Award, regional companies with a strong employer brand are honoured.