In­sti­tute for Di­gital Trans­form­a­tion (IDT)

[Trans­late to Eng­lish:] Team des IDT er­hält Friedrich-Braun-Preis 2021

[Translate to English:] Am Mittwochnachmittag vergab die Friedrich-Braun-Stiftung an der Sparkasse Neu-Ulm – Illertissen ihren mit 5000 Euro dotierten Wissenschaftspreis. Die Auszeichnung ging an das Projekt CLIDE, das unter Leitung von Prof. Patricia Franzreb entstand. Teil des Teams war unter anderem IDT Mitarbeiter Dominik Flach.

Re­search­ing, ex­plain­ing and shap­ing the di­gital fu­ture.

The Institute for Digital Transformation (IDT) is a research unit at HNU that focuses on the digital transformation of medium-sized companies. It was founded in 2016. The current team consists of Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang (center), Prof. Manfred A. Plechaty (right) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo (left).

Within the scope of the practice-oriented research projects and studies, findings are generated that are made available to science and practice. Companies and, in particular, the cooperation partners gain access to current knowledge, applicable methods and benchmarks relating to the topic of digital transformation.

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo, Prof. Klaus Lang und Prof. Manfred Plechaty diskutieren bei einem Workshop


Researching the digital future

[Translate to English:] Teilnehmende des BMWi-Projektes „Smarte Transformatoren für die Zukunft des Maschinenbaus“ beim Verbundkoordinator BLOCK

We are researching potentials, business models and methods for the digital transformation of medium-sized companies and public organizations.

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Explaining the digital future

[Translate to English:] Teilnehmer hören einem Vortrag bei der zweiten Ausgabe des IDT Open Lab im Innovation Space der HNU

We teach applications, technologies and challenges of digitalization and apply new agile ways of working like Design Thinking.

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Shaping the digital future

[Translate to English:] Studierende der HNU und der GUtech aus dem Oman beim Design Thinking Workshop in Kollaboration mit Fischer Verkaufsfahrzeuge

We support medium-sized companies and public institutions in mastering the challenges of digital transformation.

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IDT Open Lab

Organisatoren und Referenten bei der ersten Ausgabe des IDT Open Labs an der Hochschule Neu-Ulm

In­form, Ex­change, Net­work

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The IDT Open Lab is a series of events organized by the Institute for Digital Transformation (IDT).  The IDT Open Lab is characterized by short impulse presentations from science and practice on trends, technologies and best practices in digital transformation.  With the IDT Open Lab, we foster the exchange between experts from business and science on current digital transformation topics.  The IDT Open Lab takes place twice a year in the Innovation Space at HNU (virtually from summer 2020).

IDT "Di­gital Ma­tur­ity" Quickcheck

And what is your company's digital maturity level?

By answering ten questions, you get an initial overview of the current state and the need for action for your company. The tool focuses primarily on Industrie 4.0 aspects, such as the implementation of digital business models and processes, the involvement of employees in the digital transformation of the company, or the degree of digitization of services and the customer interface. The online tool was developed by professors Manfred Plechaty and Dr. Klaus Lang on behalf of Minnosphere GmbH and was used in a study by the Institut für angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft e. V. (Ifaa), which looked at ten leading tools for determining the maturity of the degree of digitization.

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Professor Dr. Klaus Lang

Pro­fessor Dr. Klaus Lang

Managing Director of the „Institute for Digital Transformation“

Dean of Studies of the Department of Information Management

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1510

Location: Main Building A, A.1.54

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Manfred Plechaty

Pro­fessor Man­fred A. Ple­chaty

Managing Director of the „Institute for Digital Transformation“

Professor for Information Management

Internship Coordinator for Information Management Automotive

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1540

Location: Main Building B, B.2.22

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Professor Dr. Daniel Schallmo

Pro­fessor Dr. Daniel Schallmo

Professor for Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship

Programme Director Master Digital Transformation and Global Entrepreneurship

Programme Director BA Digital Management and Technologies

Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship

Member of the Institute for Digital Transformation

Coordinator of studies with deepened practical experience and composite studies

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1531

Location: Edisonallee 1, EINS, 2 EDISON 1

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