Within the framework of interactive courses, we provide our students with relevant content, practical knowledge and methodological skills. For this purpose, we offer special formats in addition to the regular courses.


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Vir­tual In­cub­ator - start-up from any­where

Together with COLMAN and the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula in Croatia, HNU has launched a virtual incubator. The aim is to impart basic methodological knowledge and to develop business ideas in internationally mixed teams. As a virtual platform, the incubator enables young entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to work together, cooperate and learn from each other. In total, more than 60 students work in nine mixed teams on new business models. Coaching is provided by two lecturers from each of the participating universities. In four joint sessions, the teams bring each other up to date and present their progress in video conferences and in smaller group formats.

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Design Think­ing - Cre­at­ive Ideas, Con­cepts and Pro­to­types for In­dustry

In cooperation with practice partners from industry, interdisciplinary student teams work on and solve real challenges of companies within one week and develop ideas, solutions, concepts and prototypes with the help of design thinking - always with a focus on the benefits and wishes of the end customer. The finished results are presented to the companies at the end.

Learn more: HNU Design Thinking Lab

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The fu­ture of mo­bil­ity - di­gital, in­tel­li­gent, autonom­ous and elec­tric!

Students learn practical and application-oriented methods and skills on current topics related to algorithms, business processes in logistics and supply chain networks, and their data foundations. In doing so, we also have autonomous robots, model vehicles and experimental vehicles in our research labs in addition to microprocessor technology for programming AI applications.

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Weit­ere Lehrver­an­stal­tun­gen

Pro­fes­sor Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Corporate Governance and Performance Management

  • Strategic Information Management

  • IT Strategy

  • IT Governance

  • IT-Service Management
  • Applied Design Thinking
  • Information Visualization

Pro­fes­sor Man­fred A. Ple­cha­ty

  • Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering

  • Automotive Product Development Processes

  • Production & Quality Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management & PLM-Systems

Pro­fes­sor Dr. Da­ni­el Schall­mo

  • International Strategic Management
  • Virtual Startup Boot Camp
  • Applied Design Thinking -  User-Oriented Design of Solutions
  • Seminar on Business Informatics

  • Management tools in business and IT

  • Method of business model innovation

  • Digital transformation of business models

  • Business Analytics
  • Information Visualization