Know-how transfer is close to our hearts. That is why we provide companies and public institutions with access to know-how and research results from science. In events that we hold ourselves or in which we participate, we provide insight into the current results of our research projects.


IDT Open Lab

The IDT Open Lab is a series of events organized by the Institute for Digital Transformation (IDT) at Neu-Ulm University (HNU). With the IDT Open Lab, we facilitate the exchange between experts from business and science on current topics in the context of digital transformation.

IDT Open Lab - Chro­no­logy

#1 Strategies, Business Models & Technologies in the Digital Age (07/03/2019).

About the Event

How can companies master the current challenges of digital transformation? During their presentations, experts will take you into current topics around strategies, business models and technologies in the digital age:

  • "Digital strategy: process and generic approaches".
    Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo - Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Neu-Ulm
  • "Development and implementation of a digital strategy at MULTIVAC"
    Dr. Marius Grathwohl - MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG
  • "Development of digital strategies with the help of maturity studies".
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang - Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Neu-Ulm
  • „Revolution Future-Workplace“
    Georg Kästle AG - Wieland-Werke AG
  • "Digital twin? How does it support the Industry 4.0 transformation?"
    Ralf Breining - ESI Engineering System International
  • "Augmented reality on the smartphone in logistics"
    Matthias Rink - artiso solutions GmbH
  • "Quality assurance through digitalized processes with data glasses"
    Tobias Dobner - COT Computer OEM Trading GmbH

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#2 Smart Services: Business Models, Implementation and Best Practices (04/12/2019)

About the Event

Companies are facing the challenge of enriching physical products with digital services. Smart services are increasingly becoming a competitive factor. IDT invited to the second IDT Open Lab on this complex of topics:

  • "In search of the digital core! SAP Smart Services"
    Georg Kästle, Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm
  • "Where do autonomous vehicles actually go for washing?  - Digital transformation from the perspective of the carwash business"
    Carsten Klees, WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH, Augsburg
  • "Challenges and framework conditions for digital business models"
    Andreas Giesa, Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH, Ochsenhausen
  • "Product configurators as a basis for new digital business models"
    Vivian Steller, Lemonize GmbH, Ulm
  • "Virtual Smart Service: increasing efficiency in planning and development processes through the VR Cave"
    Adrian Drewes, Archicave, Düsseldorf

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#3 Digital Leadership: Leading and working in the digital age (24.06.2020)

About the Event

To shape digital transformation, companies need new leaders and new forms of collaboration. Experts from various industries provide in-depth insights on the topic of modern leadership in the digital age:

  • "Digital Leadership - Trends, Challenges and Success Factors"
    Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo – Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • "Lateral leadership - a toothless tiger?"
    Matthias Schneider – Schwenk Zement KG
  • "Influencing transformation process engagement through digital leadership"
    Miriam Hunger – Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH
  • "Modern Work - Modern Perspectives - Modern Leadership:
    What opportunities does the New Work approach bring for tomorrow's leadership style?"
    Manuel Staiger – IT sure GmbH

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#4 Digitization in Corona Times - Lessons Learned and Best Practices (11/25/2020)

About the Event

The drastic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has put companies in difficult positions. In the Open Lab, affected individuals from a wide range of sectors describe what the crisis has taught them in the context of digitalization:

  • "COVID-19 and Digitization at MULTIVAC"
    Dr. Marius Grathwohl - VP Products and Transformation, Multivac
  • "COVID-19 challenges and lessons learned at Beurer"
    Julia Vogel - Team Leader Productmanagement Connect, Beurer GmbH
  • "What COVID-19 means for the implementation of SAP S/4 at a medium-sized company"
    Klaus Kramer - IT Team Leader Business Applications, Uhlmann Group
  • "Impact of COVID-19 on the Handtmann Group"
    Bodo Deutschmann - Bereichsleiter IT & Organisation, Handtmann Service GmbH
  • "Change of environment (before and during the Corona period) with regard to participation"
    Dr. Stefan Melzer - Business Unit Manager, msg systems ag

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#5 AI - Steam Engine of the 21st Century (03/31/2021)

About the Event

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) will become an important part of many companies in the future. To help you recognize and implement the potential of AI, we offer the following presentations followed by a discussion:

  • "Leading AI projects to success"
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Faußer - Professor for Data Analytics, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
  • "AI hands on - A simple example from transportation planning"
    Dr. Stephan Melzer - Executive Vice President Industry, msg systems AG, München
  • "AI-based order quantity planning in wholesale trade"
    Dr. Julia König - Founder and Managing Director, Ehrenmüller GmbH, Kempten
  • "Human Action Recognition and Detection with AI"
    Alexander Hirschle - Head of Embedded Systems & A.I., edag Engineering GmbH, Ulm
  • "AI in inventory management - why it doesn't fail because of the technology"
    Max Weiss - Head of Innovation LAB, Ingenics AG, Ulm

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Infografik des IDT zum Thema Künstliche Intelligenz und Intelligente Computer

Design Think­ing Pro­jects with In­dustry

Creative and fast to customer-oriented solutions: Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang and Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo regularly conduct design thinking projects together with industry partners and student teams from interdisciplinary degree programs. Design thinking enables customer- and user-centered prototypes to be developed and tested within a few days. Digitalization, the networking of smart devices and the development of artificial intelligence offer many possible applications for design thinking. The new Design Thinking Lab at Neu-Ulm University bundles expertise in the agile innovation method. Teaching, transfer and research are the focus here.

Trans­fer pro­jects with Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben (CNS) e.V.

Prof. Manfred A. Plechaty is head of the Digital Transformation working group of Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben (CNS) e.V. Here, he regularly conducts events on the topic of digital transformation. The digitalization of work, production, logistics or communication processes is an indispensable prerequisite for companies on their way into the future. Whether it's data exchange within the company or from the company to the customer or supplier, the world will become digitally connected.

In addition, a study on the topic of digitalization in the commercial vehicle industry was conducted together with the members of the CNS. The goal of the study was to analyze the current state of digitization in the regional commercial vehicle industry, identify trends and point out relevant areas where action is needed.


  • Bayern Innovativ / Bayern Digital - „TechROAD Autonomer eBus“: "Requirements management, specifications and test planning for autonomous eBus", Bad Birnbach, Prof. Manfred Plechaty
  • Future City 2030: "Digital Transformation of Business Models", Verschwörhaus Ulm, Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo

  • Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben: "Fundamentals of new business models", Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Club der Industrie: "Digitalization strategies for SMEs: Do you know what digitalization means for your company?", Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Digital Transformation & Quality 4.0 lecture series: "Quality 4.0 in the Smart Factory", Wieland Werke, Prof. Manfred Plechaty

  • Industry 4.0@SME (panel discussion): IHK Schwaben, Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Digitalization - opportunities and security: "Digitalization strategies for medium-sized businesses", IHK Ulm, Haus der Wirtschaft, Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • VDI lecture series: "Digital transformation of business models - or: going digital or die", Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo

  • Visit of a Japanese delegation: "Digital Transformation of Business Models", Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo

  • Congress "Economy 4.0 and Digitalization for Business Economists": "Digital Transformation of Business Models - or: going digital or die", Vienna, Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo

  • IHK Schwaben regional meeting: "Digital transformation in medium-sized businesses", Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Lecture series Digital Transformation & Quality 4.0: "Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 in medium-sized businesses, challenges and opportunities", Wieland Werke, Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

  • Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben (CNS): Kick-off working group Digital Transformation, Prof. Manfred Plechaty

  • Volkswagen AutoUni: Congress "Digital Transformation - Influence of IT innovations on the workplace of the future": "Changes in the world of work due to digital transformation - challenges and opportunities", Prof. Dr. Klaus Lang

Im­pres­sions from events

Professor Manfred Plechaty in conversation with a participant at the IDT Open Lab
Professor Klaus Lang speaks to participants at a lecture in Asia