1. Süd­deutsche 3D-Druck Chal­lenge

Your Chal­lenge

You have a good idea for a 3D printed product? And you have an idea how to save money or make money with it? Then take part in the 1st South German 3D Printing Challenge.

All important information about the 1st South German 3D Printing Challenge in the video (opens in a new window)


Latest in­form­a­tion

Latest information:

Due to the current corona situation, the final of the 1st South German 3D Printing Challenge cannot take place on 01.07.2020 as planned. Therefore we try to find a new date (vrsl. in the 4th quarter of 2020) and will announce it on this website. All other dates remain unaffected.

(All participants of the 2nd round will also be informed personally by email after the new Finaltermin has been set).

We wish you all the best - stay healthy!

Best regards, your 3DD-Challenge Team

Pro­ced­ure of the Chal­lenge

You can join in individually or in groups of up to 3 participants, and it is very easy. You only need:

  1. register briefly,
  2. design your own product or part,
  3. print the part independently with any 3D printing technique,
  4. photograph the printed part from different angles,
  5. design a poster for your idea (you can download the template HERE)
  6. send the finished poster by e-mail (for the closing date for entries see Dates).

All entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts (1st round).

The submitters of the best ideas will then be asked to develop a more concrete business plan. On this basis the finalists will be selected (2nd round).

The finalists present their idea to a top-class jury in a pitch event. The jury consists of leading business representatives (board members, managing directors, divisional managers), the President of the HNU and a special guest. At the end of the event, the winners will be awarded their prizes (final).

Award donors/jury mem­bers


Who we are:

EOS is the world's leading technology provider in industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics. Founded in 1989, the independent company is a pioneer and innovator for integrated solutions in additive manufacturing. With the product portfolio consisting of EOS systems, materials and process parameters, customers achieve decisive competitive advantages with regard to the quality and sustainability of their production. Worldwide service and comprehensive consulting services complete the portfolio.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

By means of additive manufacturing (AM), the limits of what is conventionally feasible can be pushed. This enables the production of applications that were previously neither conceivable nor feasible. In addition to the pure feasibility of novel solutions, there are also advantages in terms of efficiency and sustainability in the production process as well as in terms of the resulting applications. As the physical arm of digitization, additive manufacturing also enables completely new business models. Furthermore, the simplified production of small quantities and the uncomplicated access to AM as a manufacturing technology stimulates entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Fabb-It Pro3D

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

Sustainable production technology is developing across all industries. We are always excited to find solutions to problems with our customers and can therefore constantly expand our know-how. It never gets boring...

Honold Logistik

Who we are:

We are a logistics service provider that works with its customers on demanding projects such as the development of logistics real estate, industry logistics and transport solutions. We have the ambition to develop ourselves technically on a daily basis. With around 1,400 employees, our company most recently achieved sales of around 234 million euros.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

3D printing will permanently change the flow of goods and services - and thus business models in logistics. We want to be involved in this process and help shape it, so that our company can adapt and adapt to this change


Who we are:

Mark3D GmbH, as the largest partner of Markforged, is the European market leader for fiber-reinforced 3D printing technology and innovator of advanced metal 3D printing processes. We are all about industrial 3D printing. We help to find the right solution for your Markforged 3D printing application of composite materials and metal.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

We want to give every engineer the ability to hold 3D printed components with extremely high strength in their hands on the same day. "With materials such as fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar, the professional user can solve real problems and print 3D parts that could previously only be manufactured mechanically - "Manufacturing redefined! - Mark3D CEO Joachim Kasemann

Max Hilscher GmbH

Who we are:

Under the management of Maria and Christoph Hilscher, the family business now employs 80 people in the main areas of toolmaking, milling / turning technology, welding technology, punching technology, textile machine accessories, wire erosion technology and metalworking for the automotive sector. 

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

Especially in the production of prototypes and spare parts on small series basis we see an enormous potential for our business area

Volksbank Ulm-Biberach

Who we are:

As a bank with over 155 years of tradition here in the region, we offer our clients experienced, sound and reliable advice in all financial matters. At the same time, we are paving the way for the future: with advisors who are also on hand to help companies on site with current issues such as 3D printing. With digital solutions such as our VR banking app, which provides access to accounts and cards anytime, anywhere. With fair offers, with consideration for our environment, with commitment to our home and the people who live here.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

Additive manufacturing technology provides companies today with a technology that has the potential to revolutionize traditional production methods and fundamentally change the industry. By realizing the most diverse geometries, complex structures can be manufactured without significant additional expense. To achieve this, companies have to rethink the design of their products and the associated value chain from scratch. Accompanying advice makes this process easier, and tailor-made financing makes this process possible. As a regional cooperative bank, we see our task for SMEs as being to position ourselves as a strategic partner for our customers and to enter into dialogue with our customers today about the technologies of tomorrow. As a network partner, we are very happy to be available for strategic and future-oriented decisions and, if required, provide financial support.


Who we are:

As a specialist for 3D printing materials and accessories we have made it our business to offer the perfect material for every application. Our customers come from the industry, but also architecture offices, universities or passionate hobbyists are among our customers. They appreciate the quality of our products, because the right printing material is at least as important as the 3D printer and the print file itself.

Offering these at a fair price and delivering them quickly and without complications is our claim.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

We have experienced the rapid development at first hand. Started in 2013, we are now one of the largest filament dealers in Europe.

Meanwhile our customers can choose between several hundred filaments. Some filaments convince by their appearance: e.g. glossy, matt or colour-changing, others have unique technical properties: e.g. electroconductive, heat-resistant or particularly dimensionally stable. Also DLP and LCD printers based on resin are becoming more and more popular. Here we offer technical resins in addition to our own brand. This variety and the resulting possibilities fascinate us. Therefore we are constantly looking for new, innovative materials for innovative applications.

In this way we want to continue to play our part in this industrial revolution and support the maker community.

Experience Additive Manufacturing (EAM)

Who we are:

EXPERIENCE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (EAM) is the innovative multi-location event for industrial 3D printing and will take place from 22nd to 24th September 2020 at the Augsburg Exhibition Centre. The EAM was developed for interested companies seeking an exchange with highly qualified users, customers and partners of tomorrow from the catchment area D-A-CH.

With more than 1,500 trade visitors with a real interest in buying and 70 exhibitors, EAM as a trade fair with an experience character has for two years now laid a solid foundation for the meeting point of the AM community in Southern Germany.

What we find exciting about 3D printing:

The applications of 3D printing are constantly expanding and are used in more and more industries. The fascinating AM community is constantly growing with new providers, partners and multipliers. With the multi-location event EXPERIENCE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre offers an innovative platform for experiencing the technology of the future in a practical way, initiating new business models and networking with suppliers from the entire AM value-added chain.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate?

The Challenge is open to anyone interested in 3D printing (minimum age: 18 years) and is not limited to students from the HNU. A timely registration is required to participate in the 1st South German 3D Printing Challenge. (see conditions of participation §§2, 3)

2. May I join the team?

Lone fighters and teams with a maximum size of 3 persons may participate. (see conditions of participation §3)

3. What is my specific task?

Realize your innovative product idea using 3D printing and submit a poster, specifying the product and illustrating it with photos. The convincing concepts are determined by a pre-selection. 

Then develop a business concept including a business plan. The best concepts are selected and invited to the final. Present your results there in the form of a pitch in front of a jury consisting of representatives from business, research, technology and entertainment.  Within the pitch the following points should be considered:

  • Presentation of the product / story
  • Presentation of the 3D-printed part(s) including benefits / unique selling proposition (USP)/product benefits/applications
  • Presentation of the business plan / cost & benefit calculation
  • Answering questions from the jury

(see participation conditions §4)

4. When are the deadlines for relevant submissions and when are important dates?

see timetable

5. What happens to my intellectual property?

The intellectual property rights remain with the participants. Within the 3D Printing Challenge, the 3D printed products, business plans and presentations will be published. Participants agree to this publication.

Participants shall ensure that the copyrights of third parties are not infringed. (see conditions of participation §7)


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