Pro­jects of the TTZ Gün­zburg

In differently funded projects, we develop sustainable solutions for economy and society, guided by theory and supported by empirical data. See our projects here.

Neuro-Sym­bolic AI Ar­chi­tec­tures for Emo­tion Re­cog­ni­tion.

How the Interact of "old" and "new" Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to analyze Emotions.

IoT: Smart Room Mon­it­or­ing

Internet of Things (IoT) architecture based on low-cost and open-source elements using the example of a smart room monitoring solution.

Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence in the Sales Sec­tor

Based on Empirical Investigations of different Machine Learning Methods, a Prototype for predicting the probability of success of customer offers should be created

VACE: Ly­ing for Sci­ence - ex­plores pat­terns in the hu­man voice

How can emotions in speech be detected, evaluated and analyzed using AI?

Edge KI

NVIDIA Jetson Nano
versatile applicable e.g. in the field of computer vision, emotion recognition, re-identification, read more about the project and possible applications here.