Net­works & Mem­ber­ships

Technologienetzwerk Bayerisch-Schwaben (TBS)

TBS is the association between the University of Augsburg and the Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW) Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. It has been in existence since 2012 and focuses on "Health Care Management" and "Resource Efficiency".


Baywiss is the joint platform of universities and universities of applied sciences for cooperative doctoral studies in Bavaria. The supervising professors of the University and HAW are equal assessors and examiners.

GEHBa (opens in a new window)

The Joint Ethics Committee of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Bavaria ("Gemeinsame Ethikkommission der Hochschulen Bayerns", GEHBa) evaluates the ethical aspects of research projects involving human beings. It is currently composed of 21 experts from 14 universities of applied sciences in Bavaria and started its work in spring 2020. The supporting organisation of the GEHBa, whose office is located at the HNU, is Hochschule Bayern e.V.