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HNU sci­ent­ists pub­lish ref­er­ence book on health ap­plic­a­tions for pa­tients with chronic dis­eases

22.12.2020, Re­search :

New Springer Gabler book edited by HNU scientists provides an overview of the potential, application examples, and challenges of mHealth applications

Together with Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda and Felix Holl (DigiHealth Institute), Prof. Dr. Mario Pfannstiel from HNU’s Faculty of Health Management has published an anthology entitled "mHealth applications for the chronically ill" with Springer Gabler. The aim of the book is to give the reader an overview of trends, developments, and technologies in mHealth applications for the chronically ill.

In their introductory article "mHealth systems in medicine – a new standard?", Prof. Swoboda and colleagues present the potential of mHealth applications. In several cross-sectional contributions, the opportunities offered by digitisation in the health care system, economic aspects, as well as the quality assessment of mHealth applications are discussed. In addition, the book contains a large number of contributions with practical examples of mHealth applications for the treatment and monitoring of various chronic diseases and their consequences.

M. A. Pfannstiel, F. Holl, & W. Swoboda (2020, eds.) mHealth applications for the chronically ill - trends, developments, technologies. Springer Gabler, 330 p., doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-29133-4 


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Users in Africa being introduced into mHealth applications using cellphones. Photo: Felix Holl.