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Ferdin­and Licht­blau

Portrait Ferdinand Lichtblau

Study programme: Busi­ness Stud­ies (BA)

Employer: Lichtblau Media

Position: Owner

Contact: LinkedIn-profile (opens in a new window), Instagram-profile (opens in a new window)

For what reasons did you decide to study at HNU?
HNU is a modern institution and offers graduates an optimal education for the future. I particularly liked the manageable size of the university. It is not an "incognito" study programme, but you make many interesting contacts and have a familiar relationship with the lecturers/professors. The practical orientation of the degree programmes and the associated projects were an enrichment that I still value today.

Straightforward or via detours: What was your school career like and what interests did you have as a younger person?
My school career was by no means conventional. I obtained my Abitur as an external applicant at a Bavarian Gymnasium, which meant I had to prepare myself. Initially via distance learning, the rest of the preparation was done in close cooperation with the teachers at the grammar school. As an external candidate, the Abitur examination in Bavaria requires 4 written and 4 oral examinations. There are always ways to get ahead and later no one asks you how it went. You have to recognise and seize the opportunities. With the Abitur in my pocket, it was clear to take the next step - studying.

What experiences during your studies have had a particular impact on you?
I particularly enjoyed the practical projects in the main course. The associated independent work and elaboration of solutions are optimal
preparations for later professional life.

Exhausting or child's play: What did your internship semester look like and what tasks did you take on?
I did my practical semester at Rödl und Partner in Nuremberg, a business and tax firm with around 4,000 employees worldwide. It was a really great experience, I was challenged but not overwhelmed. I was allowed to work on ongoing projects as a permanent team member and was also involved with clients. It was a time I wouldn't want to miss.

What was your first job like and how did you become interested in it?
During my studies, I already set up a small business with a school friend and used it to finance my studies. That's certainly a completely different path than looking for a job first. After graduating, we had built up a certain client base, so I simply continued to pursue this - until today. In addition, I worked as a freelancer for the company of my practical semester in the first year after my studies and was allowed to develop a cloud application.

Please describe your everyday working life. Which projects do you work on and which tasks do you particularly appreciate?
My everyday life as the owner of an agency for CI and communication is multifaceted. In addition to organisational tasks (personnel / order management), my operative work consists of web development and IT solutions, among other things. My team also works in the field of CI development and advertising technology.

Which experiences from your studies at HNU have proved valuable in your professional life?
Studying business administration has of course brought me many advantages in the areas of accounting, tax law and controlling. But also my bachelor thesis on leadership intelligence was the basis for further education and many projects in the field of strategic communication.

How would you complete the following sentence beginning?
HNU…  "combines all the advantages of a degree course."