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Halime-Merve Ersan

Portrait von Halime Merve Ersan.

Study programme: Busi­ness Stud­ies (BA)

Employer: Mimecast Germany GmbH

Position: Business Development Representative - Cybersecurity

Contact: LinkedIn-profile (opens in a new window)

For what reasons did you decide to study at HNU?
HNU offers a truly practice-oriented degree programme. The cooperation with many companies, e.g. Uzin Utz in the focus on Entrepreneurship or Mango Solar (rebranded: Pine Berry) in the focus on Marketing, Branding & Strategy, were real eye-openers. The university has a hands-on mentality that you don't find at many others. The diversity of the focus areas was also one of the criteria for choosing HNU. The same goes for the internationality of partner universities and internships. HNU did everything right.

What tips can you give young people who are looking for the right degree programme?
Listen to your heart! Do what you enjoy the most. You never stop learning, even if you already have a permanent job. That's why it's really important to do what you find interesting, where you want to learn more later on. Internships are very helpful to see what you like and what you don't like. The most important thing is not to stress yourself out!

Exhausting or child's play: What did your internship semester look like and what tasks did you take on?
I loved my semester abroad! Due to COVID19, I unfortunately had to do my internship from home, but I still learned a lot. I worked at a marketing & branding agency that specialises in the technology industry. From marketing strategies to social media management and content creation, I got to do everything myself. It was also a turning point in my life where I said 'OK, I want to work in tech' - today I work in one of the leading email security companies.

What experiences during your studies have had a particular impact on you?
Definitely the projects! The real-life situations and creative approaches in the team were the best. It not only gave you a hands-on mentality, but also showed you what teamwork really is! Also, you became much more confident and self-assured. So, HNU, keep up the good work with the projects 😉

What is your advice to all graduates who are looking for their first job?
Be confident & speak with confidence. You need a job, companies need a team member. The more personable and confident you are, the more chance you have of getting the job. LinkedIn is a great channel, it's how I got my job. Create a profile & complete it. Have a positive mindset. Job hunting can be tough, but believe in yourself. Start looking early enough - I graduate in March 2022 but started applying in November :)

What was your first job like and how did you become interested in it?
I set myself a niche - technology. I sent out as many applications as possible, was then contacted by a headhunter on LinkedIn and later got the job. Application periods are long. Be patient, but believe me, it will happen!

Please describe your everyday working life. Which projects do you work on and which tasks do you particularly appreciate?
I currently work in business development, which is actually a lot of cold calling. I hated the job at first, but now I love it. I talk to IT leaders and try to figure out their cybersecurity problems. I'm also the creative brain in the team, designing marketing campaigns. I even got to create a presentation for the CMO during my probationary period.

What are your professional goals for the future?
I want to grow in the company. Cybersecurity is a really interesting industry. Later, I would like to move to the marketing team and pursue a creative challenge there.

How would you complete the following sentence beginning?
"was a real eye opener."