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Nad­ine Lat­toch

Portrait Nadine Lattoch

Study programme:  Busi­ness Stud­ies (BA)

Employer: Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation

Position: Specialist Human Relations

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For what reasons did you decide to study at HNU?
It was clear to me from the beginning that I didn't want to pack my bags for my studies, but wanted to complete my studies regionally or close to home. For me, it also had to be a university of applied sciences with a strong practical focus and a good network with regional companies. HNU met all of these criteria, which is why the decision was an easy one.

Exhausting or child's play: What did your internship semester look like and what tasks did you take on?
My internship semester actually paved the way for my current job and confirmed that I had chosen the right professional path. I worked in HR at an automotive supplier and was able to provide full support. I was very lucky that they had a lot of trust in me and gave me the opportunity to work both operationally and strategically. During my time there, I was even allowed to conduct my first job interviews and thus gained a broad insight into the tasks of an HR professional. I advise every student to apply for their internship semester in good time and to think about it in advance: What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? Often there is also the possibility of contacting the company in advance to find out what to expect. Six months of just making coffee or being trapped in a field that doesn't interest you would be a shame!

What is your advice to all graduates who are looking for their first job?
Preparation is half the battle! As a recruiter, I think it is of course super important that the documents are well prepared and that no 0815 copy-paste versions are sent to companies. That should be the very first step. Since nowadays companies also apply to candidates, it makes sense to make yourself visible. I recommend that you have a profile in the usual databases, properly maintained and with up-to-date documents, so that recruiters can easily find you. Often, this way is quicker than you think and you can sit down for an interview with great regional or national companies. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't scroll through the websites of interesting companies or look for your dream job on the usual job boards. Before embarking on the big search, however, you should listen to yourself and clearly define: What am I looking for? What is important to me? Regionality? Branch? Opportunities for further training? Remuneration? Etc. This will save you a trip or two :-)

Which experiences from your studies at HNU have proved valuable in your professional life?
The high practical orientation and a lot of group work with fellow students strongly promoted cooperative work, communication and also giving presentations in front of larger groups. This has been very beneficial to me in my current job. Here, too, communication and openness towards candidates is absolutely essential. This made giving candidate coaching sessions at universities, colleges or technical schools much more pleasant, as there was a certain routine.

How would you complete the following sentence?
"had by far the best parties!"