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Oliver Kur­t­nacker

Study programme: Information Management and Corporate Communications (B.A.)

Employer:Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH

Position: Project Manager

Straight or via detours: How did your school career run and what interests did you have as a younger person?
Actually not straightforward: After completing a commercial apprenticeship, several years of work and some ups and downs and several conversations with family and friends, I decided to study at HNU.

What tips would you give to students of your course?
Dear IMUKers, IMUK trains you to be really great generalists and valuable members of this society. I know of some companies that greatly appreciate IMUK graduates. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!

What was your first job like and how did you hear about it?
I was recruited by a headhunter during my studies and ended up in my first job: project manager for CRM projects in the DACH region.

Which experiences from your studies at HNU proved to be valuable in your professional life?
To be honest, it was the sum of all subjects. In addition, I had been involved in several projects during my studies (e.g. founding Lions Campus Club, international competition of various universities worldwide, etc.) and the fact that some professors had supported and challenged me. I know, sounds really nerdy, but it's just the truth. I am still very grateful for that to this day.

How would you complete the following sentence beginning?
"has had a huge impact on my life and has set me on a good path."