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Svenja Guther

Study programmes: Business Studies (BA) / International Management (MSc) at SIBE

Employer: Alpha IC GmbH

Position: Maketing Manager

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For what reasons did you decide to study at HNU?
The possibility to choose from many different focus areas after the basic studies was one of the reasons why I decided to study at HNU after my Abitur. The high level of practical relevance during the lectures and the opportunity to gain initial experience in project studies reinforced my decision at the time that HNU was exactly the right place for me to achieve my professional goals.

What tips can you give young people who are looking for the right study programme?
It's perfectly normal at the beginning not to know what career direction you want to go in. My tip to young people is to choose a degree programme that allows you to gain insights into many different areas. Otherwise, it helps to just try things out. Try to do many internships or work as a student trainee to find out if the job could suit you in the long term. Negative experiences can also help here.

What experiences during your studies have had a particular impact on you?
I had many valuable experiences in every semester. However, I remember the freshman week most fondly, where I met many of my later friends, as well as the great excursions to various European cities and Oman. The challenging study projects during the majors also gave me the necessary willpower, creativity and fun in conceptual work that I need in my job today.

What was your first job like and how did you find out about it?
In my first job, I was in market research at Bosch Thermotechnik while working on my Master's degree in International Management. Here I supervised international study projects and after a while I took over the internal communication of my team with the other departments. This showed me my passion for the subject and was one of the reasons why I later switched to marketing. I was also able to travel to Brazil for four weeks to defend my thesis and get to know the country and the people there.

Your daily work: What projects do you work on and what tasks do you particularly appreciate?
For me, no day is like the other, as my area of responsibility is very diverse. In addition to internal and external communication, I take care of employer branding and anchoring change in the company. One of the projects I'm currently working on is an automated offer generation, which on the one hand ensures compliance with the corporate design, but at the same time is customisable enough to reflect the different departments.

How would you complete the following sentence?
"...I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have great fellow students, experienced lecturers and an exciting course of study.