Trans­fer of Cred­its

Trans­fer of cred­its

If you have already acquired competencies that largely correspond to what you also learn in your degree program, you may be able to have the credits you already acquired transferred.

Even if you have acquired these competencies outside academia, you can apply for their recognition, so that they translate into transferable credits.

FAQ about trans­fer of cred­its

What is a transfer of creditis?

If you have taken examinations or credits outside of the HNU, these may be credited to you under certain circumstances.

A recognised exam is considered to have been passed and does not have to be taken again.

There are four different areas in which credits play an important role:

  • Applications for entry into a higher semester (e.g. when changing universities or degree programmes)
  • other recognition of achievements from previous studies
  • Recognition of external examinations taken during the course of study (e.g. language courses or e-learning courses to be recognised as optional (compulsory) subjects)
  • Pre-crediting within the framework of planning a semester abroad

What can be transferred?

Study and examination achievements are credited if there are no major differences between the HNU module for which credit is requested and the HNU module for which credit is requested in terms of the competences imparted and their contribution to achieving the qualification goal.

Each application for credit transfer is a case-by-case decision in which the professor responsible for the module checks whether the requirements are met and the examination board decides on this. For this reason, we cannot give you any information on the chances of success of your application before the examination is completed.

For modules consisting of several individual subjects, only the entire module can be recognised.

Example: If you have taken the "Fundamentals of Business Studies" examination elsewhere and would like to have it recognised for an HNU module consisting of the subjects "Fundamentals of Business Studies" and "Scientific Work", you cannot have it recognised - not even partially.

How do I apply for a transfer of credits?

To do this, you first check with which of the HNU modules the foreign examination papers have the best match. The best way to do this is to compare the module manuals. You can find the module handbook on the programme's website.

You must submit one application per HNU module you wish to be credited. Please make sure that your applications are based on the modules according to the examination regulations/programme that would apply to you when you started your studies (this applies especially to applications for a higher semester).

Submit the following documents for each application:

  • the completed application form for credit
  • a list of grades with all your academic and examination achievements (including negative grades) to date, issued by the Examinations Office at your previous university A list of all graded and non-graded pieces of work that have not yet been sat/evaluated at the time of application must be submitted as soon as possible for further processing!
  • corresponding subject / module content descriptions (in German or English) for the examinations for which you are applying for credit transfer. These DeepL descriptions can usually be found in the module handbook.

Please submit the application and all documents online.


Please note that the date of receipt at the university counts for the observance of deadlines!

Only complete and timely submitted documents can be considered!

Which application form should I use?

What do I need to consider?

  • A decision can only be taken on what has been requested. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that you assign your examination papers in the applications to the corresponding HNU modules. Although we will try to contact you if an application is obviously pointless or another application seems more promising. In view of the large number of applications, however, we cannot guarantee this and we are not authorised to change applications on our own authority - even if the result would be in your favour.
  • When an examination is recognised, the grade achieved is also taken into account. Or, in the case of several individual subjects, an average weighted according to ECTS. What this means for you is that you should only apply for recognition of examination credits with which you are satisfied in terms of the grade.
  • Once you have taken an exam at the HNU (regardless of whether or not you have passed it), you can no longer apply for credit for that exam.
  • If you have had a credited exam, you can't retake it at the HNU.
  • Depending on the degree programme, there are different (sometimes very short) application periods for the crediting of credits from a previous degree programme.

What are the deadlines for applying for credit?

If you apply for the crediting of exams you have taken during your current studies at the HNU, you must submit your application for crediting in the following semester at the latest.

If you apply for the crediting of examination credits from a previous course of study (also from a previous course of the HNU!), then the following deadlines apply:

  • Industrial Engineering and Industrial Engineering/Logistics: Applications for recognition must be submitted in the matriculation semester at the HNU by the end of the first week of lectures at the latest (for later matriculation, together with the application for enrolment). Applications for recognition of elective (compulsory) subjects can be submitted until the end of the course of study.
  • All other degree programmes: Applications by the end of the fourth week of lectures of your first semester in this degree programme

If you are applying for admission to a higher semester, all applications for recognition must have been received by the application period for the degree programme.

Please note that, in order to meet deadlines, the date of receipt at the university counts, not the postmark!

Only complete and timely submitted documents can be considered!

Can I apply for credit at the time of application?

Yeah, but...

... the applications will only be processed once you are enrolled at the HNU. This means that you cannot make your decision about enrolment dependent on how many previous exams you have passed.

The only exceptions to this are the applications for crediting which you must submit when you apply for admission to a higher semester. In this case, a certain amount of credits must be earned before you can be admitted to the programme, and the examination of the applications is therefore part of the admissions process.

When and how do I find out what I have been credited with?

Since the recognition process is always a case-by-case examination by the professor responsible for the module and the examination board, the time it takes to receive feedback on your application can vary greatly.

In the event of recognition, you will be informed of this by the Examinations Office by e-mail and the performance will be entered in the grading system.

If your application is rejected, you will receive written notification.

Who are the right contacts for questions about a transfer of credits?

The right contact persons are the staff members in the Examination Office responsible for the respective degree programme. 
You can find an overview here.