FAQs: Post­pone­ment of the sched­uled start of the lec­ture period

We are currently receiving a great number of questions concerning the coronavirus and the postponement of on-campus lectures. We have compiled the questions on this page and continue to update the answers as we receive new information.

For all stu­dents

Is the new date for the start of the lecture period (20 April) fixed, or could it change again?

Yes, lectures will start on 20.4. - until further notice on Moodle!

A comprehensive introduction to the topic of eLearning can be found here.

The HNU itself will remain closed to the public and there will be no classroom sessions. We will inform you when the university will gradually reopen.

Does the time until the postponed start of the lecture period (20 April 2020) count as a “non-lecture period”?

The time period up until 20 April is (as it stands on Friday, 13 March) a “non-lecture period”. This means that working students are allowed to exceed the weekly 20-hour work limit up until that point.

Even though it is officially a non-lecture period, you will be able to take advantage of e-learning offers during this time as a means of “learning support and preparation”. Please check your student email account on a regular basis to ensure that you do not miss any relevant information concerning e-learning offers.

Will the lecture period for the summer semester be extended? What effect will this have on the examination period?

As things stand at present, the digital lectures will take place from 20. April to 17. July 2020 - one week longer than usual. The examination period starts and ends one week later and is between 20. July and 31. July 2020.

The examination period could still be extended. Please inform yourself regularly.

I have fixed plans (work, holiday, etc.) during the Whitsun holidays or directly following the originally planned timeframe for the examination period. What can I do if these plans now conflict with the postponed HNU schedule?

The examination period will be postponed by one week and is now scheduled for 20 July to 31 July 2020. The Whitsun holidays may be used for lectures. In general, first exam attempts may be taken in the following semester without any negative effects. Please check in advance whether your plans can be changed to fit the new HNU schedule.

If you are not able to change your plans, please contact either the Examinations Office or Student Advisory Services.

I am financially dependent on working weekends. What options do I have if postponed lectures are rescheduled as block seminars on a weekend?

The HNU does not stipulate compulsory attendance. However, if you are not able to attend an on-campus lecture, we ask that you consult your lecturer.

Will the postponement of the start of the lecture period have any consequences for students who are receiving BaföG support?

In Bavaria, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung - BMBF) has declared that BaföG recipients will continue to receive their financial aid, including both continued funding and new funding. This means that BaföG recipients will not suffer any disadvantages.

Does the postponed start of the semester affect the enrolment period? Can I download the certificates of enrolment now already?

The only thing that has been postponed is the start of the on-campus lecture period. You are still enrolled for the summer semester from 1 March 2020 to 31 August 2020 as planned.

Link to the student affairs portal: studierende.hs-neu-ulm.de/qisserver/rds (opens in a new window)

Which rules do apply for exam reviews?

The exam review is scheduled for the week of 27.04.2020 - 30.04.2020 and will take place as planned.

In some cases (e.g. repeat exams or ongoing appeal proceedings), an exam review is required in a timely manner.

In other cases, however, you are welcome to wait with the review. For the exams of the winter semester 2019/20, we will provide an opportunity to view the exams in autumn.

Exam review is also possible remotely (e.g. via Zoom).

The university building will be accessible for students to review the exams.

When you enter the university building, you must observe the following security measures:

  •   Observe the distance regulations
  •  Wear a mouth-nose cover or keep mouth and nose covered by other means (e.g. scarf).
  •  Please appear only at an agreed date and time and be punctual. There must be no queues.
  • Use the available possibilities for hand disinfection. Appropriate dispensers are available in all buildings.

Can appointments for specialised student advisory services (Fachstudienberatung) take place?

Until further notice, specialised student advisory services can no longer be carried out in person. If you have already made an appointment, please contact your specialised student advisory services office. Telephone consultations are still allowed.

Click here to find the relevant specialised student advisory services office.

Is the HNU library open?

The library is partially open again from 27 April.

Since 18.5. the reading room is also partly open again.

All current information can be found on the library's website.



Are the cafeteria and dining hall still open?

No, the cafeteria and dining hall are both closed until further notice.


Is it possible to get access to the courses on the e-learning portal (Moodle) now already, in order to prepare in advance? I would like to use the unexpected free time to prepare for the coming semester.

Yes, absolutely. Please read through your student emails – there you will receive information concerning your specific modules.

We also have put together a website about the basics of e-learning at the HNU.


Which areas are considered high-risk areas?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Infectiology Taskforce of the Bavarian State Agency for Health and Food Safety (das Bayerische Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit – LGL) are continually assessing the health risk for the German population.


Who can I turn to if I find it difficult to cope with the psychological stress caused by the corona crisis?

Please feel free to contact Christoph Giebeler at the BIZEPS Family and Social Counselling Service Office.

Counselling services are also provided by the pastors of the student church ministries (opens in a new window): Stephan Schwarz (Protestant) and Michael Zips (Catholic).

For many courses "Zoom" is used as a video conferencing solution. In the media there is currently much criticism of this software. Why does HNU use it anyway?

The university administration in Bavaria are basically convinced that there is no technically viable alternative to Zoom in the current situation.

You can find further explanations on the page of our data protection commissioner.


Prac­tical semester


What happens if I cannot submit my thesis on time due to the current situation (library closure, etc.)?

In cases like this, you may request an extension. Please present your reasons clearly and comprehensibly, including corresponding evidence where appropriate. Please be advised that you must submit this request without undue delay (as soon as you are aware of the delay and its cause), but no later than two weeks before the deadline for submission.

You can find the corresponding contact person in the Examinations Office here.

I am not able to get my thesis printed or bound due to the fact that the copy shops are all closed. What do I need to do in order to meet the deadline?

In this case, you may initially submit your thesis in digital form (via email to your supervisor and to studium[at]hnu[dot]de) and then hand in your printed copies as soon as possible. Please be advised that you may not change your thesis in any way following the submission of the digital version. It must be printed as is.

How can I hand in my thesis, now that the HNU is closed to the public?

At present, theses may only be submitted by post.

Please be sure to email a copy of your thesis to your supervisor as well so that the evaluation can begin without any delay.

The corona crisis has thrown my original plans for my studies into disarray (e.g. a semester abroad cannot be taken up). Could I therefore bring forward my final thesis and only then take the examinations that are still open?

Your final thesis doesn't necessarily have to be the last exam of your studies. As soon as you have fulfilled the requirements for registering your thesis, you can do so. You can find out exactly what the requirements are in your study and examination regulations or you can contact your examinations office.



When will I get access to my HNU email account?

Some of you have not been able to log in to our systems (e-learning, webmail or the student affairs portal).  We have checked all accounts again and made adjustments where necessary. All functions should now be available.

Please note that in the future you will only receive information via your HNU email account.

If you are having problems with your HNU email account, please contact studium[at]hnu[dot]de.

Is there going to be any welcome event?

The Vice President Prof. Dr. Kormann will welcome you via video at HNU.
From Monday, 20.4.2020, 10am, the corresponding video will be available on the HNU YouTube channel.

Go to the YouTube channel of the HNU: www.youtube.com/HochschuleNeuUlm

How will the business simulation be played?

The business simulation will be held as an eLearning event via Moodle. You hreceived an email to your university email address with more detailed information on 20.4.

If you didn't receive the email, please contact your exams office.

Are there introductory events for the individual courses of study?

Each degree programme handles the introduction of the courses of study on its own. Some degree programmes have already implemented the introductions, others are still in planning. If you have not noticed anything about an introduction, please contact your head of programme.

Will cancelled preparatory courses be held at a later date?

No, unfortunately they will not.


What do I need to be aware of when studying in a cooperative degree programme? What examination periods apply here?

No on-campus lectures will be held at either of the local universities of applied sciences, the HNU or the THU, until 20 April 2020. We currently have no concrete information regarding the examination periods. Please check your HNU email account prior to the start of the on-campus lecture period in order to find out about examination periods and e-learning offers.

What regulations apply for the continuing education programmes?

In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, on-campus lectures at the HNU are currently not taking place, including the continuing education courses. All of the current continuing education programmes have been suspended for the time being and are scheduled to resume on 20 April.

Will the timeframe for the practical semester (university internship) for the Physician Assistant programme be affected in any way?

No, the university internship will take place at the previously scheduled time.


What happens if I become ill with COVID-19 or am in quarantine during the examination period? Can I take the exams on alternative dates or will I have to wait until the following semester?

If you fall ill with corona or are in state-ordered quarantine, this constitutes grounds for inability to take the examination. In such a case, you would take the exams in the following semester. At present, no alternative examination dates have been planned.


The lectures all take place digitally. How will the exams take place this semester?

As a special arrangement, other forms of examination than those provided for in the corresponding study and examination regulations may be used in this semester (summer semester 2020).

By 8.5. the examiners must inform the students which examination form they will use.

Will on-site examinations take place at the HNU?

Under consideration of the required safety measures (especially compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 m), tests can also be carried out on site.

However, since the space required for this would far exceed the capacities available at the time of the examination, HNU relies on a mix of digital examination forms and on-site examinations.

What alternative forms of examination are permitted?

In digital form are possible, for example:

  • Take-home exam
  • Oral examination
  • Student research project
  • Speech / Presentation
  • ePortfolio / Learning diary
  • Discussion forum
  • Bachelor / Master Colloquium

Do I have disadvantages by the fact that learning & testing is done differently than intended?


This is because you can decide for this semester, as an exception, which examinations from this summer semester you would like to "keep" and which you would like to have cancelled (except for final theses).

So if you are not satisfied with an examination result, have it cancelled. Failed exams are automatically cancelled.

Since all study course-related deadlines and deadlines for repeat attempts are also automatically extended by a semester, you can decide for yourself how intensively you want to study.

However, it is strongly recommended that you take the examinations offered in order to avoid a time delay in your study progress.

Can I have deadlines from the examination regulations (e.g. ECTS deadlines) extended because of the Corona Pandemic?

All course-related deadlines, i.e. ECTS deadlines, deadlines for the basic subjects, deadlines for exceeding the standard period of study ... are automatically extended by one semester. You do not have to submit an application for this.

This also applies to the deadlines for taking repeat examinations (second and third attempts).

However, you may take examinations if you wish. If you are not satisfied with the results of these examinations, you can have them cancelled. Please note that this decision is final. Once cancellerd, you will not be able to revert to the grade you achieved this semester.

 How and where can I apply for the cancellation of examinations from this summer semester?

If you fail an exam, this result will be automatically cancelled. You do not have to do anything else.

If you wish to cancel an exam that you have passed, you must inform the Examinations Office within one month of being notified of the result.

If you request the cancellation of an exam result, it is as if you had never written the exam. In concrete terms this means:

  • The cancellation is final. You cannot take it back.
  • The mark you have obtained cannot be reused later, even if you pass this examination with a lower mark.
  • The ECTS credits earned with the examination are also cancelled.

You can find the cancellation form here. (opens in a new window)

Please send it to the examination office for your degree programme.

Can I also cancel the results of repeat examinations (second and third attempts) that I have to write this summer semester?

Yes, the regulations apply to repeat examinations as well.

So if you do not pass a second attempt in the summer semester, you should write it again in the next semester (again as a second attempt). The same applies to third attempts.

Are there exam results that I cannot cancel?

Final theses cannot be cancelled.

Do the regulations apply to all study programmes?

Yes, with the exception of cooperative study programmes.

The HNU is currently in talks with the Technical University of Ulm about how the regulations for the cooperative study programs should be designed.

Where can I find these regulations?

The examinations for the summer semester 2020 are regulated in a special statute passed by the Senate.
You can download the statute (in German) here. (opens in a new window)

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your examination office.