Fees & re-re­gis­tra­tion

State Uni­versity ⇒ no tu­ition fees

At state-run universities in the Free State of Bavaria, all full-time students do not pay tuition fees. This also applies to second and foreign students.

You only have to pay one semester fee per semester. You can find out what this semester fee is made up of in the information on the individual degree programmes.

There are fees for postgraduate studies. Information on these fees is available from the Centre for Postgraduate studies.

Semester fees

When is the semester fee due?

  • If you start your first semester at the HNU or change to the HNU, you pay your semester fees when you enrol. You will find the deadline for this in your letter of admission.
  • Students transfer their semester fees when re-registering within the re-registration period. If you do not re-register or do not transfer your re-registration fee (in full), you will be exmatriculated. You can find the re-registration deadline in the Academic Calendar.

How much is the semester fee?

The amount of the contribution varies according to the degree programme. The contribution for cooperative study programmes offered jointly with the Technische Hochschule Ulm (THU) is higher, as it also includes the fees customary at the THU.

As a guide, the fees are around 100 euros per semester.

You will be informed of the exact amount with your letter of acceptance.

For re-registrations during your current studies, you will find the information on the intranet.

Where must I transfer the semester fee to?

You will find this information in your letter of acceptance.

For re-registrations during your current studies, you will find the information on the intranet.

When and how can semester fees be refunded?

The contribution is repaid ex officio if there was no obligation to pay it (i.e. in the event of exmatriculation before the start of the semester or in the event of overpayment).

A refund for the current semester is possible if de-registration is completed by the deadline. The key date is:

  • April 14th in the summer semester
  • October 31st in the winter semester

In any case, you must submit the application for reimbursement with your bank details to the Studies Department (Office A.1.20).

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