Open­ing hours

only for HNU members:

MONDAY- FRIDAY 10.30 AM - 4.30 PM

On 25.11.2020 the library will be open from 11.30 AM to 4.30 PM due to the staff meeting.

All book returns must be dropped into the return boxes in the foyer.



  • Send an e-mail to the library
  • Online contact form
  • Phone: 0731/9762-2706

New corona re­stric­tions

Because of rising infection rates, increased infection prevention measures are being introduced at HNU.
From 22.10.2020, the following regulations apply to the library:

  • Only HNU members are allowed to enter the library and borrow books from the reading room in compliance with the hygiene rules. You cannot use the seats anymore.
  • External customers are not allowed to enter the library. Please contact us if you need literature.

It is also not yet possible to estimate how long these increased security measures will have to apply.

Us­ing the lib­rary off-cam­pus

HNU members can access all of our e-books and most of the databases off-campus via EZproxy.

Auto­mat­ic­ally re­newal

As of October 1, 2020, loan periods will be renewed automatically:

  • Loan periods of our media will be renewed automatically for up to three times if there are no reservations on the media. (In order to renew loan periods of inter-library loan media, please contact the library team.) This change applies to media currently on loan, too. You can always see your current loan periods in your account in the library catalogue.
  • You will only receive e-mail notifications if there is need for action:
    • 5 days before the end of your final loan period (i. e. when no more loan period renewal is possible).
    • If another person puts a reservation on one of your media, disabling loan period renewal.
    • If the reservation of another person on one of your media has expired and your loan period can be renewed once again.