Ment­or­ing pro­gramme "100 help­ing hands"

Per­fect start into the study pro­gramme

Exchange - Contact point - Activities. In the mentoring programme "100 helping hands", students from the third semester onwards are available to assist first and second semester students in all questions concerning studying at HNU and life in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. 

In addition, they provide information on excursions and encourage first and second year students to get to know each other.

With the mentoring programme we offer

  • networking and exchange of experiences with other students in their degree programme
  • a contact point for questions and problems at the HNU
  • Tips and activities for studying in Neu-Ulm and Ulm


All first-year students currently receive a mentor from their respective degree programme in groups. At the beginning of the semester, the mentors organise a guided tour of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences in small groups and show all contact points for the study programme they have started. In addition, the first-year students meet for small excursions in Neu-Ulm and Ulm and also get to know great bar spots. In addition to question and answer sessions and joint learning, online meetings, discussion groups and game evenings take place. The guided tours, excursions and online meetings offer the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas, ask important and personal questions about the study programme to the mentors and simply have a good time during the study programme.

Study at HNU, too!

The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers numerous study programmes in the fields of economics (opens in a new window), health management (opens in a new window) and information management (opens in a new window):

Hendrik, 1st semester of In­form­a­tion Man­age­ment in Health (B.Sc.)

How did you start your studies?
The start of my studies was great. Of course, the whole thing had been imagined differently, but despite the situation we're in at the moment, we were lucky to be able to attend at least one lecture in attendance at the beginning of October. At the beginning, I was a bit worried about whether the communication would be successful. After hearing about the mentoring programme, however, my worries were taken away.

What have you done within the mentoring programme?
At the beginning of October, our mentors organised guided tours of the university. Afterwards we went to the QMuh to get to know each other better as a group. That enabled me to make some friends. Our mentors Klara and Deniz also created a WhatsApp group for our degree programme, which greatly facilitates communication.
Since we are no longer allowed to meet in large groups, our mentors have organised a weekly meeting in Zoom. There we can ask all our questions and afterwards we often play some online games.

What is the best part of the mentoring programme for you personally?
The best thing about the mentoring programme is that you always have a contact person specific to your degree programme to answer your questions about your studies. You can turn to someone who has already been in exactly this situation and get helpful advice. In addition, the mentors:innen have already prepared us a little for the lectures and given us some tips for the first semester.

Would you recommend the mentoring programme to others and why?
Absolutely! Especially in the current situation it is perfect. There is always someone available who shares their experiences from their studies with us first-year students, passes on tips and answers questions. You also have someone who introduces you to things like exam registration and the various tools at HNU and shows you what is important. I think that even after the pandemic, the mentoring programme at the beginning of the programme could be a great help in finding your way around.