Ein­stein Mo­tor­s­port

About us

The competition

The challenge for the teams is to design and build a prototype that best meets these requirements. To determine the best vehicle, a jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supplier industries evaluates every design, cost plan and sales presentation in comparison to the competing teams. On the other hand, the students demonstrate on the race track in various disciplines how their self-made racing cars prove themselves in practice. With its various disciplines, the competition reflects all aspects that have to be considered when designing and building a vehicle.

Our team culture

To put a racing car on its wheels naturally requires the cooperation of a wide range of different areas. First of all, the areas of monocoque, engine, chassis, aerodynamics and electrics form the core of the technical teams. In addition, we offer a wide range of tasks. In the media team, the entire presentation of the team to the outside world runs, from website design to vehicle design. On the other hand, our sponsoring team takes care of the acquisition of new sponsors and contact maintenance. In order to be able to compete with the finished racing car at European-wide events at the end of the season, our event management team takes care of the necessary organisation and logistics.

Gelber Rennwagen des Einstein Motorsport Teams

We strive for a scientific work, with the aim of achieving a better goal every year, motivated, authentic and together in all areas within the scope of our possibilities, which we are constantly expanding. In this way we acquire and learn new skills and acquire expertise for our personal future and develop ourselves continuously.

Our Mission Statement

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