Study Coun­sel­ing

In terms of studying, you have to make some big and some small decisions for your future. Sometimes you may encounter obstacles on your way.

The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of advisory services so that you can take all relevant aspects into account when making your decisions. So that someone can help you if you need to avoid or overcome obstacles.

Which degree programme suits me best?

Especially if you still have "no plan" where you want to go, our Study Counselling will help you to explore the possibilities and narrow them down.

What is important and when?

If there are any uncertainties in the course of your studies, the Study Counselling can give you orientation and work out a concrete plan with you.

How to go on?

If you encounter obstacles during your studies, the Study Counselling can show you options and useful contacts.

Prin­ciples of study coun­selling

  • ­čÖŐ

    We advise you confidentially: Absolute confidentiality is a matter of course. Even within the university, no one (such as examination offices and professors) will hear about your concerns and problems without your consent.

  • ­čŚ║´ŞĆ

    We advise you open to results: The decisive factor is what suits you in your individual situation. It doesn't matter whether your path will continue to lead you to the HNU or it will lead you elsewhere.

  • ­čÄü

    We provide free advice: Like all the advisory services offered by the HNU, studeny counselling is completely free of charge.

Study ad­visor

Thomas Bartl

Academic Advisor

Phone: +49 731 /9762-2000

Location: Main Building A, A.1.09

To profile of Thomas Bartl

Thomas Bartl

Open of­fice hours of the aca­demic ad­visor

Without prior appointment ...
...via Zoom (opens in a new window) or phone: Tuesday, 9-10.30 Uhr
... on campus: Friday, 10-11.30 Uhr except 10.2. | 17.2. | 24.2.

Study Coun­selling Live!

Every Tuesday from 5 pm
via livestream

Who does the study coun­selling?

In doubt about your stud­ies and drop­ping out

Are you having problems with your studies, are you in doubt about your choice or are you thinking about dropping out of your current studies?

Many different questions can arise: Is there an alternative degree programme for me? Is vocational training the better choice for me at the moment? Where can I find suitable and vacant training places? How do I design a good and meaningful application? Where can I find further help?

For an initial overview of your situation, the study counselling service is the right place to go.You can talk to them to find out whether you still have a chance of successfully completing your studies, whether it makes sense for you to change your degree programme - depending on your life goals. And find out whether you really need to study or if there are alternative ways to achieve your goals.

Ex­ternal of­fices for ad­vice in case of doubts

Ca­reer and study coun­selling from the Fed­eral Em­ploy­ment Agency

Professional orientation - individual counselling - neutral placement

Offer when ...

  • in doubts whether studying is the right way to train
  • in doubts about having chosen the right degree programme
  • reorientating in case of dropping out
  • informations are needed about initial and postgraduate studies and on dual studies
  • you need neutral mediation
  • special study field or occupation-related test procedures (carried out by the occupational psychology service of the employment agency)
  • the optimisation of your application documents

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Beraterin f├╝r akademische Berufe

Tel. (kostenfrei): 0800/4 5555 00

E-Mail an Frau Kroha

Reuttier Stra├če 39
89231 Neu-Ulm

bfz Kempten

Advice on dropping out of university and acquisition of vocational training. Successfully implementing skills from your studies even after dropping out

Advice on alternative career opportunities and coaching for students who are desperate to study and students who are about to drop out of their studies.
A higher education entrance qualification and time spent studying will help you advance professionally. Skills acquired during your studies are the basis for successfully passing a vocational training course and for taking further training examinations.
There are various ways to successfully apply the experience and skills you have acquired in vocational training.

We are happy to advise and support you

  • Initial interview about your profile: Your qualifications, your motivations, your ideas and the requirements of dual training.
  • Application process: Review of application documents, assistance with research for internships and training, information on job interviews and assessment centres.
  • Planning your training and postgraduate studies: Recognition of qualifications acquired during studies, advice on financing and funding opportunities (e.g. Aufstiegs-BAf├ÂG), shortened training opportunities.
  • Consultation appointments at the HNU

Daniela Auerbacher

Vocational training centres of the Bavarian economy (bfz) gemeinn├╝tzige GmbH

Phone: 0831 52149-58

e-mail to Ms Auerbacher

Keselstra├če 14a
87435 Kempten

Al­ex­an­dra Vo­gler

Vocational training centres of the Bavarian economy (bfz) gemeinn├╝tzige GmbH

Phone: 0831 52149-58

e-mail to Ms Vogler

Keselstra├če 14a
87435 Kempten


Dropping out of university - Chance for change: Consultation about dropping out of university at the IHK Ulm

Studying is not the right thing? Is it possible to have a career without studying? And what prospects does dual training offer?

The decisive factor is that dropping out of university does not mean the end of a successful future. On the contrary, dual training offers a good alternative. It is about showing you opportunities to make a career in the education system that is right for you.

To this end, Ms Sibel Elshof supports drop-outs and those who are in doubt about their studies by offering advice on new perspectives, analysis of skills, advice on dual training occupations or courses of study, information on vacant training places and information on shortened in-company training. The counselling session will be adapted to your needs.

Have we aroused your interest? Then make an appointment with Ms Sibel Elshof from the IHK Ulm.

Si­bel Elshof


Phone: 0731/173-298

e-mail to Frau Elshof

Olgastra├če 95-101
89073 Ulm