In­form­a­tion Man­age­ment Auto­mot­ive (BSc)

Start of programme
Winter and summer semester
Language of instruction
German and English
Programme duration
7 semesters fulltime, 210 ECTS
Bachelor of Science

Why Information Management Automotive?

  •     You don't want to leave the mobility of the future to others, but want to help shape it yourself?
  •     Do you enjoy innovative solutions and wonder whether you really always have to wait for the train and bus or "if there's a better way"?
  •     You think that, for example, accidents can be avoided in the future with artificial intelligence?
  •     You want to know what "Tesla does differently than Mercedes", whether you can make a profit with e-scooters and what the business models of the future are?
  •     You think cars and individual mobility are important for the future but you are thinking about if and how this can be realized in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way?

One answer to all these questions is the use of digital solutions. These improve the vehicles themselves with intelligent assistants and apps or help to provide mobility services such as bike or car sharing.  But also the development, production or sales of the vehicles are becoming more and more digital and completely networked in the Internet of Things.

If you want to be a part of this, the Information Management Automotive degree program offers you your chance. In practical study projects, you will develop skills to comprehend, design and market intelligent solutions. You will work in teams in our automotive lab to develop prototypes and models that actually drive. But you can also use blended learning concepts from the comfort of your own home. Or you can explore mobility with us on field trips.  

Studying with in-depth practical experience is also possible with us. Our international partner universities also enable you to spend an integrated semester abroad in a country of your choice.

In summary, IMA is a practice-oriented, modern study of business informatics in one of the most exciting application areas of the future with many opportunities also for you.

Ad­mis­sion and ap­plic­a­tion

Ad­mis­sion re­quire­ments

  • at least advanced technical college entrance qualification (valid in Bavaria)
  • for international applicants: German C1
  • there are no restrictions on admission in this programme

Ap­plic­a­tion period

Winter semester: 02.05. until 15.07.
The programme is only offered in the winter semester.

Ap­plic­a­tion portal

Please use the application portal by the above deadlines to apply to this programme.

About the pro­gramme

Contents of the study programme

The bachelor's program imparts specialist competencies in business informatics and combines them with practical approaches to solving problems in the automotive and mobility industry. During the bachelor's program, you will gain a holistic understanding of the players in the industry, the products and services, and the business and management processes. The focus is on current and upcoming challenges at mobility providers, IT and industry service providers, automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.

You will learn how all these players and functions are supported in their work by information systems and how information technology makes products and services better or makes them possible in the first place. This will equip you to play an important role in the ongoing and future digitization of mobility.

Structure of the study programme

In the first two semesters (basic studies) you will learn the basics of business and information technology and acquire an overview of the industry, products and services and their technical background.

1st semester

    Business decisions
    Automotive industry and technology
    Applied statistics and mathematics
    Information technology and data structures
    Project on object-oriented programming
    Business English 1: Understanding and Questioning Information

2nd semester

    Product Creation
    Corporate Planning and Control (ERP Project)
    Business English 2: Presenting and Analyzing Data
    Communication technology and systems
    Design and use of databases
    Digitalization of business processes

In semesters 3, 4 and 5 (major and specialization), you will expand your knowledge and develop competencies in methods and solutions in the core business processes of the industry through projects and case studies.

3rd Semester

    Service management in aftersales
    Production and quality management
    Software engineering project - applying theory in practice
    Software engineering and cooperative project management
    Orientation: focus areas and practical semester

4th semester

    Product Lifecycle Management and PLM Systems
    Supply Chain Management
    Scientific work and research methods
    Emphasis 1

5th semester

    Sales, Branding and Design
    International Business Negotiations
    Seminar paper
    Emphasis 2

In the 4th and 5th semester you have the possibility to choose two out of six specialization options in order to set your personal focus:

Emphasis (specialization options)

    Mobility Megatrends
    Entrepreneurship in Mobility
    Artificial Intelligence and Mobility
    Data Privacy and Ethical Leadership
    Predictive Models
    Performance Management

Between the fourth and sixth semester you can flexibly plan your practical study semester. Preferably, you will find a position with companies in the industry.

The study program is completed with a bachelor thesis and an associated seminar, which is often based on a practical problem and is worked on with a practice partner. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose elective subjects or excursions from the university's range of courses according to your preferences.

Special features

Double Degree IMA

You want to study abroad without losing time? Really, with a second university degree?
Then IMA is the right choice for you! The program offers you the opportunity to go to the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) in Finland in your second year and study "Information Technology Engineering" in English for a good year full-time. In return, you will receive a second, additional bachelor's degree in engineering (B.Eng.) from OAMK afterwards, which will make your international experience and your additional engineering qualification clearly visible to any employer. Best of all, the year in Oulu is fully recognized in IMA, so you don't have to study longer overall!


    We offer exciting field trips as electives to explore mobility around the world as a real-world laboratory.

Practical Work

    Practical work in our IMA lab allows you to acquire knowledge through application and your own experience individually and as part of a team from the very first semester.

Partner universities

    You can study at many other partner universities abroad with the possibility of receiving credit for your studies there.

Small groups and individual support

    You will study in small groups as well as individual supervision with coaching from professors from day one.

Career perspectives

Opportunities and jobs for graduates

Mobility and the industry are currently undergoing major changes. This creates opportunities and jobs for graduates. Professionals who know what IT is used for what purposes and what makes good automotive IT applications or mobility apps stand out and how to create them are in high demand and in high demand. They decide where certain applications can make future mobility more attractive and production and business processes more efficient.

For example, the job exchange of the magazine Automobilwoche ( lists more than 60,000 job offers.

Graduates of the program are employed by automotive manufacturers, suppliers or dealers and service companies - for example in purchasing, logistics, sales or IT organization.

Thanks to your overarching process knowledge, you will also work as an internal or external consultant. The vehicle as an end product also contains information and communication technology. This is where your IMA knowledge and social skills are in demand as a project manager in joint projects with vehicle development.

Founding a start-up

It is also possible to found and market your own ideas yourself in the form of a start-up.
Possible fields of activity are, for example:

  •     Development and introduction of new mobility services and concepts
  •     Adaptation and introduction of electronic information systems
  •     Project management
  •     Consulting
  •     App development
  •     Evaluation and introduction of new technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence
  •     Business intelligence and data analysis
  •     Analysis and optimization of business processes

Internships and stays abroad

  • Stays abroad are feasible from the 4th semester and are supported by our International Office.
  • The mandatory internship can be scheduled flexibly between the 4th and 6th semester. An internship or a Bachelor thesis abroad are also possible.

Language of instruction

In the first three semesters German with simultaneous preparation for later English modules. In semesters 4 and 5 English and German depending on the chosen focus.

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Solutions for the future of mobility - In the IMA Lab, scientists, students and practice partners research, teach and develop on the latest mobility topics, the use of algorithms, business processes in logistics and supply chain networks and their data basis.

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Stu­dent im­pres­sions

Very interesting and up-to-date programme with a broad base, ideal preparation for joining the automotive industry. The interdisciplinary structure of the programme with specialisations in business studies, automotive engineering and computer science equips you with comprehensive knowledge of the industry. The computer science part is excellent preparation for the future!

Timo, IMA alumnus (Source: