Mas­ter Ad­vanced Sales Man­age­ment And In­tel­li­gence (M.Sc.)

Programme start
Summer semester
Language of instruction
German and English
Programme duration
3 full-time semesters, 90 ECTS
Master of Science

Students of the Master's programme "Advanced Sales Management and Intelligence (M.Sc.)" learn how sales can better penetrate markets through digitalisation and artificial intelligence. You will be prepared to strategically develop a sales organisation as a manager. You will also implement practical projects with renowned companies.

Through "Market Intelligence", you will develop a deep understanding of markets, customers and competitors and learn how to design sales work in a legally compliant manner - at a time when data and customer relations must be handled responsibly and compliance guidelines are of high importance.

You will also be trained to move confidently in an increasingly English-speaking business landscape and in international markets. You do not need to be a native speaker to do this; at the beginning of the programme you optimise your Business English on the basis of your existing knowledge and only start with the English-language part in the second semester.

The degree programme is the only German and English-language degree programme in Germany that trains modern, internationally oriented sales strategy managers who can analyse markets, customers and sales models on a scientific basis and develop creative sales concepts for the digital age. Due to the important strategic significance of sales in many industries, a high potential for well-trained and compliance-trained sales experts can be assumed.

Those who opt for "Advanced Sales Management and Intelligence (M.Sc.)" will receive a future-proof degree in a corporate sector that is strategically oriented like hardly any other and is being transformed by digital developments and new sales channels. In this area, appropriately trained junior managers are urgently needed who bring sales know-how and digital competence with them and can move confidently in international markets.

Ap­plic­a­tion period

Summer semester: 15.11.2021 to 15.02.2022

The degree programme is only offered in the summer semester.

To the ap­plic­a­tion portal

You can only use the application portal during the application period. 

How can I apply for the SMI programme?

To apply for this master’s programme, you need to register on the online portal (opens in a new window) found on our website. A content review without a proper application is not possible.

Details on the application deadlines can be found on our website (opens in a new window).

The following documents must be submitted by the application deadline:

  • application for admission
  • CV
  • copy of high school transcript (no certification necessary)
  • Single copy of your Bachelor's degree with at least 210 ECTS credits and a final grade of 2.3 or better. It is necessary that you complete your Bachelor's degree before the application deadline. If you can already foresee that this will not be possible in time, there is an interim solution: You can submit a certificate from your university about the expected final average grade ("4.0 certificate") in advance. This certificate must show that you have successfully completed all examinations, that you have submitted your Bachelor's thesis and that it has been evaluated with at least 4.0. However, this option is only available to students at German universities, as the final transcript is mandatory for the recognition of international degrees.
  • Only 180 credits from your Bachelor's degree?
  • proof of English skills at level B2
  • proof of German skills at level B2; the language certificate must be submitted by the time of enrolment
  • All applicants who have not obtained their Bachelor's degree in Germany must upload their certificates via the uni-assist online portal for further checks. Detailed information on the required documents can be found at

Non-EU nationals should please check the visa requirements for Germany as early as possible. Please note that the visa application process is time-consuming and is not related to your admission to the DIM programme. Further information on application and admission for full-time international students is available here.

Ad­mis­sion re­quire­ments

  • university degree with a minimum of 210 ECTS credits from economics, business administration, business law or comparable subjects
  • average mark of 2.3 or better
  • English B2
  • for international applicants: German B2
  • there are no restrictions on admission in this programme

Your con­tact per­son: Pro­fessor Dr. Al­ex­an­der H. Krack­lauer

Research Professor "Sales Management and Sales Intelligence"

Head of the Centre for Growth and Sales Strategy

Alumni Representative of the Department of Business and Economics

Phone: +49 731 /9762-1416

Location: Edisonallee 7, ZWEI, 7 EDISON 7

To profile of Professor Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer

Ap­plic­a­tion and ad­mis­sion: Peter Mar­quetand

Deputy Head of Studies Office

Contact person for application and admission for Master's programs and international applicants

Phone: +49 731 /9762-2003

Location: Main Building A, A.1.24

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  • 1.semester

    • Basics of Sales Management
    • Strategic Pricing Excellence 
    • Fundamentals of Compliance Management
    • Data Intelligence 
    • Business English
  • 2.semester

    • Strategic Growth and Sales Management 
    • Strategic Market Intelligence
    • Compliance Management in sales
  • 3.semester

    • Conceptual seminar
    • Master's thesis

What awaits you ...

Sales Management 4.0

A holistic integration of digitalisation and technology concepts (VR, AI, Big Data) into classic sales management teaching.

  • You will learn what role modern technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality) have for sales success and understand how to use them.
  • You will learn how digital and stationary sales channels can be combined in such a way that customers' expectations of the range of services are met.
  • You can live out your entrepreneurial thinking and innovative spirit with us through the use of state-of-the-art research infrastructure (Media Centre, Innovation Space, UX Testing and Usability Lab, Design Thinking Lab).

Sales excellence through practical relevance and quality of teaching

A first-class academic education in sales management based on the latest research findings, lived business practice and many years of expertise.

  • You will learn how to build up a deep understanding of customers, how to analyse markets, companies and competitors ("Market Intelligence"). We show you which data are necessary for this and which tools and methods can be used to evaluate them.
  • You will learn what belongs to a sales strategy and how to develop it.
  • You will learn what belongs to the management of a sales organisation and understand that sales is an essential part of customer-centred company management.
  • Through practical and application-oriented teaching, you will build up your action and problem-solving skills and you will complete consulting projects with deep insights into everyday professional life in cooperation with corporate partners. You will learn what practical problems companies have and develop creative and research-led sales concepts as external consultants in concept seminars. Our reference companies to date are well-known companies such as Carl Zeiss AG, Mercedes-Benz AG, Red Bull, PERI GmbH & Co. KG, Procter & Gamble, etc.
  • We are oriented towards your development, which is why we work in small groups so that we can provide individual support.

Com­pet­ence Centre Growth and Sales Strategies

For more than 20 years, we have been training future sales managers in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, have worked with more than 50 practical partners on specific projects and have inspired these companies.
Our lecturers all come from the field, have worked in management positions, have conducted research at home and abroad and combine theory and practice.

Read more about our research, teaching and cooperations on the page of the Competence Centre Growth and Sales Strategies.

Job de­scrip­tion

What opportunities does the Master Advanced Sales Management And Intelligence open up?

For graduates, the Master's degree represents a unique qualification for starting a career and taking on senior specialist and management positions in strategic sales.

Possible professional fields of employment for students after graduation are in the area of data-based sales or marketing (e.g. "Big Data" sales), in strategic or operational planning and control of omnichannel/multichannel management (e.g. in sales areas with classic field sales and digital sales platforms), generally in technology and data-driven companies, in classic sales and key account management structures with strong direct customer reference and in classic consulting companies with market-oriented consulting offers.

The explicit areas of employment after graduation can include, among others, the following professions and tasks:

  • International sales, sales control and sales management and sales controlling.
  • Strategic or operative planning and control of omnichannel/multichannel management
  • key account management
  • data-supported sales or marketing (e.g. "Big Data" sales)

Last but not least, you will already acquire skills during your studies that are suitable for freelance work as an external consultant, for example, or in the often critical marketing process (e-commerce, customer acquisition, offer optimisation) in the start-up business.

Ad­mis­sion re­quire­ments

My university degree does not reach the required 210 ECTS. What can I do?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In case of deviations, the text of the matriculation regulations is binding.

In the case of a Bachelor's degree with only 180 ECTS credits, the existing qualification gap of 30 ECTS credits must be filled by proof or successful completion of one of the following prior achievements:

  • Co-authorship of a research publication in English (research paper).
  • At least 6 months of verifiable full-time professional experience after obtaining the Bachelor's degree in an occupation relevant to the study contents of the degree programme (evidence by employment contract and/or references)
  • Successful completion of an entrance examination in the form of a written academic paper in English. You apply for participation informally in English and exclusively by e-mail by the end of the respective application deadline.

Please contact the head of the degree programme to provide the relevant proof.

What grade do I need?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In case of deviations, the text of the matriculation statutes is binding.

The grade of your university degree must be 2.3 or better.

If you obtained your degree outside the German school system, please note the additional regulations for application with an international degree.

If my grade is not sufficient, can I improve it somehow?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In case of deviations, the text of the matriculation regulations is binding.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can improve your grade if you do not achieve the 2.3 average required for admission.

Have you already searched (opens in a new window) for degree programmes with different admission requirements?

Are there degree programmes with which I automatically fulfil the required 50 ECTS?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In the event of deviations, the text of the Enrolment Regulations is binding.


All undergraduate Bachelor's degree programmes at HNU meet this requirement (except Physician Assistant).

What degree do I need?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In case of deviations, the text of the enrolment statutes is binding.

You need a completed university degree with at least 210 ECTS credits (or equivalent).

If you obtained your degree outside the German school and university system, please note the additional regulations for application with an international degree.

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

The following text provides an overview of the key points from the Enrolment Statutes. In case of deviations, the text of the enrolment regulations is binding.

No, the study programme is free of charge. This also applies to students from other EU countries.

Semester fees are charged for enrolment and for each re-registration. You can find out how much these are here.

"The concept of the Master's programme "Advanced Sales Management & Intelligence" covers the requirements of companies with modern sales processes and methods to a high degree and anticipates a development that will become more and more normal in the coming years: an ever-increasing digitisation and data-driven sales activity. The mixture of sales basics with very practical projects and aspects such as "compliance management", a strategic perspective and the consideration of the needs of an ever increasing digitalisation is extremely successful. In summary, I see a high demand on the market for graduates of this degree programme and would more than welcome its realisation as a regional employer.

Christian Retz, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Divia GmbH

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