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Daniel Hauke
HNU: Information Management and Corporate Communications

Dominik Hauke
Hochschule Kempten: Int. Management, Marketing & Sales; Data Mining

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Brief de­scrip­tion

We are an agency for digital marketing solutions with a focus on social media. Through cross-media linking of social platforms, web design, search engine optimisation, advertising campaigns as well as constant analysis and optimisation, we offer a perfectly coordinated online marketing mix. In this way we avoid wastage and can efficiently design the online presence of our customers. We produce the appropriate content ourselves, whether video, images or text, in order to achieve fast and optimal results.

Re­veal­ing in­ternal de­tails

How did you come up with the founding idea?

As a member of a former student consultancy, we gained some insights into the structures of various companies. We noticed that especially in the field of online marketing there is a big deficit among medium-sized companies and retailers. Often entrepreneurs do not recognise the huge potential of social media marketing, SEO and SEA or a sophisticated funnel with matching landing pages. This is why we have founded hauke-social-media GbR. We give companies the opportunity to exploit this potential and even save advertising budget with data-driven advertising.

Why are you successful with this idea?

Digitalisation is advancing more and more and with it the big groups and brands dominate the market more and more. Due to the lack of online marketing, especially medium-sized companies and retailers have difficulties to compete with the big groups. This is why vacancies have also become a major problem in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. The use of social media in combination with a modern online presence is essential nowadays to be able to compete on the market. In this area we are a professional partner for companies and work closely with them.

What would you recommend to those interested in setting up a company?

First of all, a high level of motivation and ambition is essential. Take enough time before you start to prepare yourself well. Become an expert in your field and draw up a sensible business plan. The best product has no chance if the company behind it does not act sensibly.

What is your craziest experience in start-up life so far?

We made an image film for a candidate for the district election in 2020 and distributed it via the social platforms. Through a well thought-out distribution we achieved a "viral effect" on a supra-regional level. Within a very short time, the film was seen and distributed by many thousands of people. This even exceeded our planned coverage by far and confirmed once again how powerful and effective this marketing instrument is.

What was the biggest obstacle? And how did you master it?

When we were finished with all the preparations (business plan, website, legal aspects, etc.), it was initially difficult to find an entry point. Without references it was very difficult to get to customers. Nevertheless, we remained active and finally received our first orders. We satisfied our customers and were actively recommended, which resulted in new contacts. This is the best feedback!

What would you do differently next time?

We would basically do it again the same way. Of course there were some decisions that would have been made differently in retrospect, but these insights are a very important part of the learning process on the way to independence.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! We are happy with our decision to found our agency and very proud to stand on our own two feet. Our expectations are exceeded day by day and a lot of new doors are opening up. Due to the high demand for modern marketing by medium-sized companies and retailers, we already have a high workload. For this reason we are already looking for new support. In addition, we meet new interesting people every day and are curious to see where the journey will take us.

The founders of hauke-so­cial-me­dia GbR

Die Brüder Daniel und Dominik Hauke, Gründer von hauke-social-media GbR
The brothers Daniel and Dominik Hauke, founder of hauke-social-media GbR


Entrepreneurship & start-up support: gruendung[at]hnu[dot]de

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