Kaf­fee Fred

Kaffee Fred

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Ekaterine Goosmann
Information Management in Healthcare (BA)

Year of found­a­tion



Ulm and surroundings

Brief de­scrip­tion

The mobile coffee bar was handmade with great attention to detail. The traditional, Italian "Faema" brand screen carrier machine is an eye-catcher at any event.

Only high quality, fairly traded and individually roasted house coffee is delivered to the mill. The appreciation for the coffee farmer and fair trade is reflected in the quality and you can taste that in every cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Why "Fred the bear"? Bears are power animals. They stand for energy, power and nature. They value the way they use their own resources and the resources nature has in store for them. For me, it is precisely these qualities that are reflected in coffee: strength, energy and the appreciation of nature. But coffee is much more than that. It brings people together and connects them. The name Fred stands for peace and friendliness. Coffee time is a peaceful time.

Fred the bear - the combination of strength, peace and friendliness. And my very own definition of what coffee means to me.

Re­veal­ing in­ternal de­tails

How did you come up with the founding idea?

Independence has always fascinated and inspired me. After many years of professional experience in the catering trade, my fascination for the bean in Europe's coffee capital Vienna was born: After training as a coffee sommelier, coffee roasting master and barista in the Vienna Rösthaus, the passion was ignited and could no longer be tamed.

Why are you successful with this idea?

Coffee is much more than just a drink. Coffee is pleasure, art and quality of life. From the very beginning, it was important to me to ensure transparency with my business idea. Which coffee farmer do I buy my green coffee from? Is it fairly remunerated? Where and how is the coffee roasted and processed? All questions that are incredibly interesting for the end customer. I can offer my customers the answers to these questions. Another point why we are successful, in my opinion, is that we are authentic and you can see and taste the enthusiasm and passion for what we do.

What would you recommend to those interested in setting up a company?

The path to foundation is an adventure and not necessarily easy. Bring patience. Even if something seems impossible, there is a solution for every problem.

What is your craziest experience in start-up life so far?

That every order is special. The excitement is always there and the feeling of happiness after a successful event simply does not diminish. That is quite crazy.

What was the biggest obstacle? And how did you master it?

The biggest obstacle was actually getting the start-up loan. Generally the financial aspect - surviving the first year was not easy. You can only master it if you just don't give up and keep going.

What would you do differently next time?

In fact, I would do everything exactly the same as before. Even if there were some wrong decisions, these were incredibly important for the development of "Kaffee Fred".

Would you do it again?

In the first year I would have answered "no" to this question. You just don't realise how great it is to have taken this courageous step and maybe even to inspire others. At some point, this awareness comes and you start to enjoy a lot of things. Today I would answer the question with a definite "yes". It really was one of the best decisions in my life so far to found "Kaffee Fred".

The idea in 60 seconds

The film shows the self-built coffee stand with the FAEMA screen carrier machine. The founder prepares the perfect cappucino. The milk cap is decorated with a tree pattern.

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