Corona hy­giene reg­u­la­tions

Current information for HNU members is available on the intranet (opens in a new window)

Corona hy­giene reg­u­la­tions

No-entry policy:
Individuals are prohibited from entering the university who.

a) Are exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 (acute, nonspecific general symptoms, fever, loss of smell or taste, respiratory symptoms of any severity),
(b) who are subject to quarantine; or
(c) who have been confirmed to have a recent coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Mask requirement:
At HNU, masks (FFP2 or equivalent) are mandatory in all buildings. 
Masks are always required in the movement and meeting areas of hallways and corridors and when entering and exiting rooms and buildings.
During all events, except at fixed seating and standing areas, provided a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons is reliably maintained.

Ventilate rooms regularly: shock ventilation every 20 minutes for 5 to 10 minutes; rooms with technical ventilation are supplied with CO2-controlled fresh air.
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Expectant mothers:
Pregnant women are currently not allowed to attend events at HNU in order not to unnecessarily expose themselves and their unborn child to the risk of Covid-19 infection and, if necessary, treatment. This is a regulatory requirement that the university must comply with. Feel free to contact vorsorge[at]hnu[dot]de(opens new window) for advice regarding your studies if you become pregnant.

Legal consequences:
Teachers are responsible for ensuring that hygiene rules are followed during classroom events and have house authority for enforcement.

For suggestions and improvements, please contact us at vorsorge[at]hnu[dot]de.