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Man­age­ment Cup Bav­aria 2021 at HNU

17.05.2021, Study :

In keeping with the motto "Learning business by doing business", the participants of the elective subject "Management Cup Bayern" founded fictitious companies. The goal of this business game is to create a business plan and compete against other teams and universities. The subject aims to raise awareness of economic thinking and action and to introduce students to practice-oriented business start-ups and management.

Under the direction of Professor Dr Marlon Füller and external lecturer Wilhelm Ulrich, 18 students from all disciplines took part virtually in the largest business simulation in Bavaria from 15 to 17 April. Their task was to develop and produce surfboards in small groups and successfully market them over two and a half business years. "BambooBoards" and "SantaSurf", the winning teams from HNU, immediately qualified for the Champions Cup in September with a top position.

Three-stage competition

The Campus Cup is the first of three stages of this business game competition and takes place at colleges or universities. This is followed by the Master Cup as the second stage of the competition, which involves working with partners from the business world. Here the focus is not on founding a company, but on business management. The third stage, the Champions Cup, is about business succession.

Risk-free competitive experience

In addition to very practical knowledge about setting up a business, students can also gain a lot of experience in management and business leadership - without any risk, says Professor Dr. Marlon Füller. In addition, the students gain ECTS credit points, valuable skills in presenting and experience in working in teams. On top of that, they receive a certificate of participation.

In future, the business game will be a permanent part of the semester programme and offered as an elective in both the summer and winter semesters.

More information can be found on the website of the Bavarian management cup: (opens in a new window)

"Thank you very much for this in­form­at­ive yet re­laxed event."

I didn't think I would be so excited to get up early on Saturday and look at the new numbers.

"I en­joyed the sim­u­la­tion game and was able to learn something as well."

Probably one of the most fun electives! :)