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Web and video con­fer­en­cing

The following web and video conferencing tools are available at the HNU:

Video con­fer­ences with LifeS­ize in sem­inar room A.1.58

Adobe Con­nect - The on­line meet­ing room

What does a web conference with Adobe Connect offer?

  • Location-independent events in a virtual meeting room
  • From small teams up to max. 200 participants at the same time
  • Transmission of picture and sound (similar to Skype)
  • Common view of documents (PPT, PDF, ...)
  • Integration of conference calls
  • Interaction through screen sharing, whiteboards, voting, ...
  • Access also for external guests without registration
  • Access also via mobile devices

The virtual meeting room supports text chat as well as sound and image transmission, so that "live e-learning" scenarios (e.g. live online seminars) can be implemented. Various tools enable collaboration between the participants and promote interactivity and collaboration.

What are the technical requirements?

  • Minimum requirements: PC with Internet access, a browser with Flash plug-in and sound output (usually available as standard)
  • Optional (audio/video transmission): Microphone (ideally a headset) and webcam - the sound should always be output via headphones to avoid annoying feedback.
  • If you use mobile devices: With mobile devices you can also participate via the free "Adobe Connect" app (limited functionality)

How can I create my own conference room?

To be able to create a conference room yourself as the organizer, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the DFN Portal at
  2. Click on "Login via DFN-AAI".
  3. Select the institution "Hochschule Neu-Ulm".
  4. Log in with your HNU access data (not possible for students).
  5. With the button "+ Create" you can create your own meeting room.

You can find all further information about Adobe Connect in the instructions for organizers (opens in a new window).

I just need a conference call. Is that possible?

Yes, with Adobe Connect, you can book your own meeting line. The telco dial-in number can then be dialed by all participants via telephone.

For more information, see the teleconference guide (opens in a new window).